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SA car sales | These are 2019's top-selling automakers

2020-01-13 13:00

Charlen Raymond

suzuki swift sport

Image: Warren Wilson

It won't take long until 2019 is nothing but a forgotten memory, but the past year has given us plenty of tidbits to chew on.

One such example is our monthly sales reports, which, if we're quite honest, give a very good indication on the condition of the economy. 

While vehicles like the Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Polo Vivo obliterated the overall market in 2019, their automakers are (still) been riding a sales wave that seems to have end. 

Over the last 12 months, according to Naamsa, Toyota South Africa sold more than 130 000 new vehicles. The Hilux ensured 40 934 of those units. VW sold 89 352 units in 2019, of which 29 618 were Vivo's.

Below are some very interesting figures that will, no doubt, give another indication of what's to come in 2020.

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