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Testing centres in Gauteng have extended hours of operation for expired drivers' licences.

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POLL: Here's how service plans and warranties rate with SA car-buyers

2019-11-23 21:15

MARK YOUR PARTS: In order to ensure that older parts are not fitted to your car, make sure that items such as the battery, tools, jack and spare wheel are marked on the 'job card' and booking sheet by your workshop. Image: iStock

The 2019 Kinsey Report has arrived and, for the first time in its 29-year history, will be co-branded with the Automobile Association (AA).

This partnership between the author Malcolm Kinsey and the AA means the report will from now on officially be known as the AA-Kinsey Report.

Sikkie Kajee, chairperson of the AA, says: “We are thrilled to partner with Malcolm on this important research he does annually – notably without any financial input from manufacturers."

"His research methods are sound, and the prices he records are what a customer, walking into a dealership, will pay on that day. As an organization committed to giving consumers as much usable, practical information, this partnership is a naturally good fit for us."

We asked our readers if service plans and warranties affected their decision when buying a new vehicle. A staggering 81% of our readers professed that it plays a huge role.

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