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Levante SUV takes the cake: Here's how many cars Maserati has sold to date in SA

2018-06-21 15:00

Robin Classen

Every now and then, you could spot a Maserati on the road, but just what do their monthly selling units look like? Here is a list of all the brand's models and unit sales to date for 2018.

Unit sales for luxury cars like Maserati is generally not high, this is not meant in a negative way but keep in mind that one unit can cost as much as 10 VW Polo's.

Buyers love the Levante

Pricing for the Levante starts at around R1.6 million to just under R2 million for the flagship version. Compared to other models in the range like the GranCabrio and Gran Turismo which can go for about R3 million, the Levante has units sold each month - and not just one. Total sales for the Levante SUV stands at 30 as of end of May.

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The Quattroporte is not a very popular choice among buyers, only producing a total of two unit sales since the start of the year.


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