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Here's the colour you chose for your bakkie in SA April sales

2018-05-18 09:30

TOUGH TIMES: US automaker giant will be cutting 1400 jobs in the US and Asia to boost profits. Image: Ford.

Cape Town - A bakkie is an extension of your personality and therefor it must look the part.

And for some reason, to 80.6% of new bakkie (light commercial vehicle) buyers opted for their new vehicles to painted in white in April 2018.

Very daring. Very butch. So overwhelming was the inclination to white that the next popular colour was silver and it only managed 9.8% of buyers’ approval.

An orange bakkie?

The rest of the percentages are all very low, but at least there is interest in other colours other than the aforementioned shades. Red bakkies saw 1.5% of buyers opting for them, whereas beige got 1.2%.

For those who believe that orange is the new black, that could possibly be true. 1.0% of buyers opted for orange as opposed to the 0.2% that selected black.

Brown found no love in 2018’s first three months, but green at least got the nod from 0.1% of buyers in April.


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