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Buying a new car? Graduates are encouraged to choose cars suited for their pocket

2019-11-17 09:00

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Buying a reliable car is a pre-set requirement for anyone looking to buy a new car, even more so for graduates.

Companies require graduates to always be on time for work and public transport isn't always reliable. Service delivery strikes can have an impact as well, often not making it safe to travel.

Making the right choice

With that said, making the right choice when buying your first car can be both exciting and stressful.

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If you're scouring the market for a set of wheels, there are a number of factors to consider. 

WesBank suggests the following useful tips to consider when buying your first car.

1. Fuel efficiency

This is probably the single-most important attribute for any young car buyer. Besides the monthly repayments, you also have to cater for petrol based on your travel requirements.

petrol gauge showing half full

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Choosing a heavier car or one with a bigger engine that uses more fuel will end up costing you more. There are a variety of fuel-saving cars on the market like the Datsun Go, Renault Kwid and Suzuki Ignis.

2. Value for money

As a young person, design, connectivity features and storage space in a car is key factors which can play a part in settling on a specific model. Most cars on the market come standard with Bluetooth connectivity and modern safety features.

                                                                             Image: Autotrader

While this is not an important thing to consider, it does give the driver convenience.

3. Reliability

The reliability of a car is important to any buyer. It is essential to purchase from a reputable dealership with things like service history up to date and warranties put in place. You want the peace of mind of not having to pay extra should something happen to the car.

                                                                                 Image: iStock

Ask thorough questions and look for potential red flags in the deal. Read the contract properly to make sure everything is in order.

WesBank Graduate Finance is designed for graduates who:

• Have a university degree, three-year diploma or NQF 6 qualification;

• Have graduated within the past three years;

• Are under the age of 31;

• Can provide proof of employment;

• Hold a valid driver’s license; and

• Are South African citizens

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"Our graduate finance offering is designed with these factors in mind because we want to be able to give graduates some independence without them worrying about elements such as their credit history. This offering ensures that we can assist graduates in securing a bright future post their academic years, by making the travel between work and home easier and less stressful," says WesBank’s Head of Motor Ghana Msibi.

"The sponsorship of the Fuel Economy Tour allows us to continually educate consumers in their car buying journey by providing information that equips them in better decision making," concludes Msibi.

Compiled by: Robin Classen


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