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SA traffic video: Can you be arrested for being 'rude'?

2015-09-02 09:48

CHEEKY SENSE OF HUMOUR? Did this Johannesburg metro officer act in a professional manner? Image: Youtube


'You got four eyes, can’t you see you shot the robot?'... Driver Clive Naidoo uploaded a video showing an altercation with a Johannesburg Metro Police officer. Watch the drama unfold!

Cape Town - Johannesburg driver Clive Naidoo uploaded a video of a metro police officer who pulled him over.

Naidoo said he was mistreated by the officer and said that he was first assisted by a "polite" policewoman before a second officer barged in and said: "You got four eyes, can’t you see you shot the robot?"

The video is a viral sensation and sparked huge debate on social media


Can you film a police officer? Can an officer arrest you for being rude? Advocate Johan Jonck, editor of Arrive Alive, answers these questions and more:

W24: In the video, many readers criticised Naidoo's attitude. Can an officer arrest you for being 'rude'?

Arrive Alive: No you cannot be arrested for being rude. If however your rudeness escalates to verbally abusing an officer, you will be committing a crime in the form of criminen injuria - the intentional and unlawful infringement of the dignity of the officer. You could be arrested. An example would be the use of obscene and/or racially offensive language or gestures.

If you obstruct the officer from performing his or her duties it will considered criminal.

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W24: Can you film a police officer? Can an officer seize your camera/smartphone?

Arrive Alive: Yes, you can film a traffic officer. The Right to Know campaign has excellent material regarding the legalities of filming officers in South Africa.

SAPS standing Order 156:

   • An officer cannot stop you from taking a photo or video.

   • An officer cannot seize/damage your equipment. An officer cannot force you to delete footage.

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W24: What are the rights of a traffic officer? Can an officer search your vehicle?

Jonck adds: "No article would however be complete if we don't emphasise that kindness and respect is the correct attitude to have. If you commit a crime, break the rules of the road, you need to face the consequences. We need our traffic officers to penalise and punish reckless drivers who endanger the lives of our loved ones on the road. Let us be respectful to one another. Remain calm and cooperate."

Use the correct channels to report officers who are disrespectful and break the law:



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