SA drivers shock in crash app

2013-05-30 12:33

PRETORIA, South Africa - An insurance company has launched an interactive application on historical car crash data which points out some concerning trends.

Car Insurance South Africa's app shows crash data in SA from the period of 1950-2000.

Arrive Alive SA supplied the data for the visualisation and it allows users to manipulate data along an X and Y axis, as well as the radius to form the plotted points on the visualisation, with 56 possible scenarios of data says Car Insurance.


The X-axis controls two sets of data, the year and the total SA population which ranges from 11.7-million in 1950 to 43.8-million in 2000.

The Y-axis contains the vehicle population, the SA population, fatal crashes, major crashes, minor crashes, damage and total crashes.

The radius (or Z-axis) controls injury and fatality stats, including deaths, serious injuries, slight injuries and total injuries.

The general trend is that the bigger the population, the more vehicles on the roads, and the more the number of deaths and injuries over the years.


These results show quite a linear pattern with interesting results that show the average South African's driving skils has not progressed.

Another interesting statistic can be seen by the amount of traffic increase as well as the increase of speeds of vehicles over the years.

The insurance company spokesperson said:  “No matter how safe our cars are, along with the combined efforts of the traffic departments to provide safe roads and enforce slower speeds, more and more people are dying each year.”

 Check out the application here.

  • Dexter Tangocci - 2013-05-30 13:52

    Most fatal accidents are in old, unsafe and unroadworthy cars and taxis. Go after them instead of putting so much effort into arresting drivers of modern cars for going 60km/h over the speed limit on a highway.

      Johann Kaiser Raath - 2013-05-31 06:56

      For sure! If one taxi crashes there is a chance that the 37 occupants are killed or injured.

  • Bradley Schultz - 2013-05-30 17:14

    "along with the combined efforts of the traffic departments to provide safe roads and enforce slower speeds" bwahahahaha where is this happening?

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