Running lights a national sport

2012-09-20 10:44

I totally agree with the sentiments of Charlie Mingus. I spend about 90 minutes in the traffic each morning and again each evening and normally witness in excess of 20 moving violations during this time.

Running red lights seems to be a national sport nowadays and nobody does anything about it.


Morning rush hour is the worst as people cross over the robots while green even when there is nowhere for them to go - i.e. the traffic has backed up to the point that one is unable to cross over the intersection - and then the entire intersection is blocked with cars with people still trying to push into the queue and causing further chaos.

Unroadworthy vehicles is another big problem as are the taxis that love to speed down next to the backed-up traffic between the pavement and the yellow line.

Enforcement is the only way to deal with the huge number of road deaths annually and perhaps Mr Carlisle needs to spend some time sitting in the traffic to see what the real problems are.

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  • dm.debruyne - 2012-09-20 14:59

    You know what ticks me off the most! The truckload of new drivers with a big "L" in the back window - that travel EVERYWHERE at 30Km/h and are in a rush for NO MAN, but NO SIR! No time to stop for red lights! No sir indeed! It's simply a matter time until I personally witness one of them getting flattened by a low-bed truck!

  • arno.gericke.9 - 2012-09-21 09:33

    All metro need to do is sit at every intersection and start fining the w4ankers who skip red lights. Problem solved overnight. O ja, forgot, metro don't want to do actual "work" they'd rather play hide'n seek and work from 9 - 14:00 everyday. For a moment I though we lived in a country we're people actually care about what they do.

  • mark.oosthuizen - 2012-09-21 13:22

    I agree that the skipping the red lights is a much bigger problem than the speeding. I will support the Western Cape government 100% if they were to start a project putting up cameras at every single set of traffic lights to fine motorists who drive through red lights. I believe this to be a bigger killer than the speed issue in the Western Cape. I can't believe I am about to say this; Psst ... Government ... want to make money off of the public that most people won't mind?? Implement cameras at traffic lights

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