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Rubbish-vigilante's litterbug rampage

2014-09-17 11:39

TAKE THAT LITTERBUG! A rider takes action against a littering driver by tossing an ashtray into their car. Image: YouTube

MOSCOW, Russia – Keeping the streets clean is usually left to municipalities and sadly, littering road users have become the norm. A female rider is doing her bit by tackling litterers.

A clip posted on YouTube shows footage, filmed by her GoPro-mounted camera, of littering drivers becoming the target of her anti-littering wrath.

The videos shows the rubbish-vigilante watching drivers littering. She then takes an aggressive approach that's sure to curb future litterbugs - she tosses rubbish back at the offending drivers!


The first incident in the video is particularly shocking as the driver of a BMW has an ashtray thrown onto their lap. It's not exactly legal but at least the driver might think twice about littering.

Litterbugs be warned - an eco-hero is on the prowl!

VIDEO: Female rider's litterbug revenge

Watch as she seeks revenge on a litterer below: Click on the gif to watch the clip

...And here she is spoiling another litterer's day:

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