Road recall: Drive for memories

2012-10-03 11:02

LONDON, England - A survey by Citroen in the UK of more than 1000 parents revealed that their most memorable driving experience was driving their new family member home for the first time.

The poll found the cautious drive home from the maternity ward was the single most memorable car journey for more than a quarter (26.9%) of all parents.


Births featured quite prominently in the poll with almost one in five parents (18%) rating the mad dash to the hospital for their birth as their most vivid memory.

Male and female respondents alike voted the drive home from hospital as their favourite although 27% of fathers admitted the task of safely delivering their partner to the hospital in time for the birth was more memorable. Only eight percent of mums felt the same…

Third overall in the list of “most memorable drives” was the first family holiday – 14.6% of respondents, mostly those aged 45-54, voted for this one.

Other milestones included the inaugural school run (one in six mums recalled it as their favourite memory), moving a child to university or their first home (6.5% of mums, two percent of dads) or driving a child to his or her first sleepover (5.9%).

The survey also found three percent of parents’ “most memorable drives” were rather individual, ranging from taking children to sporting events, driving to pick up a newly-adopted child, or surviving a 360-degree skid on ice during a school run.


Here’s the list of Citroën’s "most memorable drives". Can you add any of your own - of ANY kind, good or bad? Tell us more in the Readers’ Comments section below or send us your e-mails and pictures for possible publication.

Driving your new family home from the hospital following the birth of your child - 26.9%
Driving your partner to the hospital for the birth of your child - 18%
Setting off on your first family holiday - 14.6%
Taking your child to their first day of school (Infant, Junior or Secondary) - 2.7%
Driving your family to pick up the first family pet - 6.6%
Taking your child to their first sleepover (e.g. Grandparents, friends, Brownies or Scouts) - 5.9%
Moving your child out of home to University or their first home - 4.2%
Taking your child to the church/venue on their wedding day - 3.7%
Taking your child out for their first driving lesson - 3%
Other - 2.9%
Driving your child to their first date - 1.5%