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Ricciardo: 'I'm making Vettel work'

2014-05-15 10:59

TEASING VETTEL ARE WE? Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo is happy to be beating his team mate during races but hasn't ruled out a comeback for Vettel. Image: AFP/TOM GANDOLFINI

BARCELONA, Spain - Daniel Ricciardo is enjoying trumping team mate and Formula 1 World champion Sebastian Vettel.

Early in 2014, Red Bull's newcomer Ricciardo settled in quickly and stunned the F1 world by outshining Vettel, winner of the last four World titles and the last nine GP's of 2013 on the trot.

Vettel performed better with a new chassis at the 2014 Spanish GP, amid reports the team had discovered the original RB10 was 'distorted'.


Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan said: "No error can be considered an entire explanation and requires further work to that completed prior to and within the Spanish GP."

Whatever the explanation, it is widely accepted that Ricciardo has been the more impressive Red Bull driver so far in 2014.

Ricciardo said: "It's a good feeling to be making Sebastian work for his money. I'm hungrier than ever for victory and I can eat a lot!"

But he is also keen to play down any talk of tension between himself and Vettel - the beleaguered world champion.


Ricciardo said: "We get on really well, for team mates. We often have breakfast together and I would say that's unusual for team mates. It's going well for me, but I also know that it won't be long before Seb gets everything out of his car. He hasn't forgotten how to drive."

Reporters, however, made a fuss about Vettel being outpaced by female driver Susie Wolff on day two of the Pireli tyre testing in Barcelona on Wednesday (May 14 2014).

Vettel said: "Time for me to quit, then?" In fact, even F1 history is still on Vettel's side.

In 1987, it was the eighth race before Nelson Piquet won his first grand prix of the season, but he went on to seal his third World championship.

However, in a statistic more sure to please Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver has never won four races in a row and not gone on to be champion in that year.


Wheels24 reader Fanie Gerber voiced his opinions on the state of Formula 1 in 2014.

Gerber said: "What happened to F1? They might as well do qualifying and ignore the main race. The fastest car simply wins and the only races are those between the two Ferraris, the two Mercedes, etc.”

Many Wheels24 readers responded with views ranging from “F1 is boring” to “F1 is changing for the better”:

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