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2014-10-29 07:43

BIG SUM FOR ITS PARTS: This is breakdown insurance company Warranty Direct's Hallowee'en nightmare car. Image: Newspress

LONDON, England - Costing an average of £550 (about R9790) when it breaks down every other month, this is the UK’s “nightmare” car, according to breakdown insurance company Warranty Direct.

The UK automotive specialist analysed its 50 000 live breakdown policies to concoct a monstrosity it has called the Horrific 40RR0R, by combining the worst-performing cars from each of the categories measured by its reliability index.

With the suspension of an Audi, the gearbox of a Jeep and the electrics of a Mercedes, the fictional vehicle is a Frankenstein’s monster of the least-reliable parts “created” just in time for Hallowe’en.


The reliability index calculates the trustworthiness of vehicles by measuring their average cost of repair, frequency of failure, age and distance covered. While the average car scores 100 in the Index, the lower the score the better.

Horrific 40RR0R, if it actually existed, would be five times more unreliable, with an index figure of almost 500.

Overall, the index shows that two in five vehicles need some form of repair each year and, while the average repair costs just over £350 (about R6100), some garage bills can spiral to a scream-inducing £35 000 (the equivalent of R613 000).


Warranty Direct managing director David Gerrans explained: “The Horrific 40RR0R is a bit of fun that will, thank heavens, never be built, as it stitches together the cars that perform worst in each of the mechanical categories we measure.

“This large variety of vehicles that goes into the concoction proves how typically reliable cars can be dragged down by one poorly-performing part.”

Almost 40% of Audi RS6 units require a trip to the workshop to repair axle and suspension components each year; three in every 10 Mercedes-Benz R Class vehicles report electrical faults.

Gearbox problems are less common but still more than one in 10 Jeep Grand Cherokees will report gearbox problems each year.


A quarter of BMW M5 units require repairs to their engine; the same proportion of Fiat Multiplas will experience brake system faults.

Chrysler’s 300C is not renowned for its agility in corners but, even so, more than 10% will require repairs to their steering. The same number of Seat Alhambras will need their air-con fixed during a typical year, so drivers who like keeping their car cool should beware of the big Seats asthmatic ventilation system.

For more information on the reliability of your vehicle, CLICK HERE.

Do you think the Horrific 40RR0R is the ultimate nightmare car? If you could combine the best or worst parts of any vehicle, which would they be (Porsche PDK, Land Rover terrain response etc.)? Email usand we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.

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