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Red Bull speeds Vettel on his way

2014-12-03 09:08


ARRIVEDERCI: F1 driver Sebastian Vettel was given a sweet farewell by the Red Bull team with gifts including a red speedo to use at Maranello. Image: AP

LONDON, England - Red Bull waved Sebastian Vettel off to Ferrari on Tuesday (Dec 2 2014) with gifts that might come in handy in Italy and the promise of eventually being reunited with one of his title-winning Formula 1 cars.

However, as team principal Christian Horner explained to the four-times champion in front of staff at the plant in Milton Keynes, central England, factory, the car will have to wait a while because "we don't want it turning up in Maranello".


Red Bull said the 27-year-old German driver was given an espresso coffee cup, a pair of tight red Speedo swimming trunks and some sunglasses, among other items. As the team pointed out on its website, none of them had ever been needed at its headquarters on an industrial estate.

"You're not making this any easier," said Vettel, who spent the weekend meeting his new team mates at Maranello after officially parting company with Red Bull on Friday (Nov 28).

He returned to Milton Keynes in England for speeches and presentations that included a half-size model of a bull with his championships engraved on the plinth.

"The last six years have been incredible. What we've achieved, the work that's gone in. So much passion, so much dedication. It will always stay in my heart.

"It's been a great journey and I'm very grateful for what all of you did for me... I'll shut up now."

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