Red Bull: The art of a pit stop

2013-08-12 10:11

LONDON - A Formula 1 pit stop could take less than two seconds in 2013 as Red Bull claimed a record of 2.05 seconds at the Malaysian GP.

Red Bull said its car data showed stationary times of 2.13 for each driver's first change of tyres. Mark Webber's second stop was recorded as 2.05 with his third and fourth stops timed at 2.21 and 2.26.

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The team said: "There's always a quicker stop out there and it's possible this season we'll see the magical two-second barrier breached at some point."

Pit stops in F1 have become almost a blink-and-miss experience since mid-race refuelling was banned in 2010, with teams developing a range of technology to shave off further fractions of a second.


Red Bull has enjoyed a lot of success in F1 with driver Sebastian Vettel 38 points clear at the top of the 2013 Driver’s Championship. Red Bull is 59 points ahead of Mercedes in the race for the Constructor’s title.

Red Bull has released a video showcasing the coordination involved in performing a record-breaking pit stop.

According to Red Bull: “We wind our pit stop right down, bringing you 2.05 seconds in slow-motion.”
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