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Readers say: F1 - a great sport ruined

2014-05-16 07:28

HAS F1 BECOME BORING?: Many readers believe that F1 has lost its 'Wow!' factor, some even suggesting switching to Nascar or taking up fishing! Image: AFP / Wang Zhao

I am a female aged 63 and have watched Formula 1 for many years. I'm sad that I no longer watch the sport.

Drivers cannot race to their full potential, constant tyre-nursing, saving fuel, saving the engines etc... And as for the noise, I'd rather watch my husband mow the lawn.

F1 is a great sport ruined.

Both F1 and SuperBikes are faced with the same engine, tyre, fuel-saving issues, yet the latter is still very exciting. It's very sad!


Wheels24 reader Fanie Gerber voiced his opinion on the state of Formula 1 in 2014.

"What happened to F1? They might as well do qualifying and ignore the main race. The fastest car simply wins and the only races are those between the two Ferraris, the two Mercedes, etc.”

Many Wheels24 readers responded with views ranging from “F1 is boring” to “F1 is changing for the better” Click to read each one:

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Many Wheels24 readers claim that F1 has lost its 'wow' factor. Do you agree/disagree? Email us  and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.

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