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Readers reveal No.1 killer on SA's roads

2015-09-08 11:30

RECKLESS DRIVING, A KILLER ON OUR ROADS: The majority of readers believe reckless drivers are to blame for the majority of road deaths. Image: Arrive Alive


Arrive Alive, in collaboration with advertising agency Lowe and Partners, released a series on ads that compare distracted drivers to serial killers.

Cape Town - Earlier in September, Wheels24 published mortuary statistics released by the Gauteng legislature.

In Gauteng, you're more likely to be killed in a car crash than being shot, according to province's mortuary figures.

In 2014/15, 1707 died as a result of crashes. Pedestrians suffered too, with 1193 deaths recorded.

No.1 killer

Reckless drivers, minibus taxis, pedestrians... we asked readers 'what do you think is the biggest cause of road deaths in SA?' and a News24 poll garnered 40 994 votes.

  • Reckless driving 15 479 votes
  • Unroadworthy vehicles 2535 votes
  • Drunken driving 2261 votes
  • Minibus taxis 11 982 votes
  • Unqualified drivers 7492 votes
  • Pedestrians 1245 votes

The majority of users believe reckless drivers (15 479 votes) are to blame for the majority of road deaths with taxi drivers (11 982) as the second biggest killer.

More than 7400 readers believe 'unqualified drivers' to be killers on our roads. Surprisingly, only 2261 think drunk drivers are responsible for road deaths and even fewer said unroadworthy vehicles (2535) are to blame.

According to readers, pedestrians (1245) are least likely to cause deadly crashes.

What do you think is the main cause of road deaths in your province? Share your thoughts  on Twitter, Facebook or email Wheels24

Readers respond

Mkululi Dabula: The government doesn’t listen to its people, unless a high profile life is lost and makes news headlines. Only then will action be taken to curb loss of life.
On average we lose one life a month on N7 freeway from Dunoon and Richwood. No action has been taken to curb this carnage despite the request to have a bridge built for pedestrians.

Richard Goodwin: Just imagine if SAPS and traffic officers actually patrolled the roads, especially during peak times. Imagine they removed drunk pedestrians from potential crash sites! Can't always blame the poor tax paying road user!

PrincessR: I actually witnessed a near-hit of a pedestrian on my way home. The robot was red for pedestrians and this female pedestrian decided to run across just as the robot turned green. She ran in front of a driver who pulled off with at speed. Had he pulled away a second sooner, he would've hit her.

I notice pedestrians also are too lazy to walk to an intersection to cross. They cross 5m away from the crossing between cars and have to dodge for their lives. Why? Rather cross at an intersection and live a longer life.

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