Reader: Tesla has cracked it

2013-06-05 10:20

In June 2013, Wheels24 reported on US automaker Tesla announcing it would create a charging network in the US and Canada making cross-continental travel by electric car feasible in 2014.

It will grow the number of charging stations it runs from eight to 100.


Wheels24 Reader TONY ROBINSON points out that we incorrectly recorded the battery range for the Tesla's Model S (335km and not 320km). He believes the situation will be even better than predicted especially if supercharging stations were introduced in South Africa. 

ROBINSON commented:

"The Tesla model S has a range of 320 MILES not km's. 320 miles is about 500km and that changes everything. The quick recharge gives another 150 MILES or 240km.

"That means one could travel from Cape Town to PE with just two stops totalling one hour. That's about right for dealing with fatigue problems. Most people doing the Johannesburg run stop over in Colesberg or thereabouts so that is an opportunity for a full overnight charge.

"In fact few drivers make long trips on a regular basis and they may well choose not to go electric but really long trips don't happen very often so the Tesla range should be quite adequate for the vast majority of owners. Some of the Tesla supercharge facilities are solar powered and would be ideal for SA.

"So Tesla has cracked it and further improvements to both batteries and charging times are coming. Google 'Graphene batteries' and you will get some kind of idea of the future."


The Model S is currently sold in two variants - 65kW and 85kW. The battery pack we mentioned in our story was the 65kW model with a range of 335km.

The 85kW/h battery has a range of 426km.