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Reader: RAV4 boot woes

2013-06-10 12:45

SOLVING HIS ‘FINGER-SNAPPING’ DILEMMA: Wheels24 reader Dave Willis resorted to adding a makeshift handle to the boot of RAV4. Image: Quickpic


2013 Toyota RAV4

2013-04-10 01:17

The fourth generation Toyota RAV4 has been launched in South Africa during April 2013. The car has been beefed up with bigger dimensions, more space and with an attitude on the road.

In April 2013 Wheels24 attended the South African launch of the next-generation Toyota RAV4.

A few months on, Wheels24 reader DAVE WILLIS shares his views on the SUV and what he calls its "finger snapping" boot.


"Oh dear, I have read through various reviews from various countries about the next-generation Rav4.

"I bought the Toyota 2013 RAV4 GX model in April this year and, not one of the reviews made mention of the rear door andits opening/closing upward/downward motions. The closing aspect in particular has a safety issue worthy of my sending this or similar comment to Toyota, with a reply saying my comment has gone to their Product Development team for consideration.

"I noticed the problem before I actually bought the car and resolved to solve the problem to the benefit of myself and my wife.

"When I mentioned the the problem to McCarthy worker, he said, I will have to learn the 'knack' of closing the door, that being, slamming it shut whilst carefully pulling my fingers out of the vertical pocket positioned under the door bottom edge face,  at the right moment/second.

"Should I fail to learn this 'knack' I could snap my fingers at the knuckle.

"This we have only attempted two or three times, it is dangerously unsafe and why the hell should we need to learn the knack of closing a door?


"I made a 225mm long handle, (from a Defy cooker oven door handle) positioned and fixed it 40mm up from and parallel to the very bottom edge of the door. Painting it black enhanced the door and clearly denotes, "there is a handle for opening and closing" particularly so when the door is at its full height when opened.

"Alternatives to my handle - motorising the opening and closing of the door."

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