Reader: 'Love the GTI's styling'

2013-07-02 10:39

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will arrive on our shores on Thursday, June 11 2013. Wheels24 editor LES STEPHENSON will attend the launch, so check back with us for our full report and driving impressions.

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Ahead of the official launch, we thought we’d get petrol heads salivating with key details on the upcoming hot hatch.


The model is powered by a 2.0 turbocharged engine delivering 162kW/350Nm. The turbocharged engine is created from the third generation of VW’s EA888 engine series.

Wheels24 reader MARCEL WELMAN wrote to us to tell us why he "is in no rush to sell his MK VI GTI." Since then we've received dozens of responses.

Wheels24 reader IVAN VAN DER MERWE is disappointed with new model's performance:

"I love the styling but the engine is disappointing. Since the MK5, it only went up 15kW, apart from the GTi 35 and Golf R of course.

When confronting VW, they say we have to take the condition of the road into consideration. Are you kidding me?

I must pay almost half a million Rand for a car that is under-performing due to the condition of our national roads.

Despite all this, it will end up on top somehow."

Email us your thoughts on VW's next Golf GTI and we'll publish your views on Wheels24.


  • Tanduxolo Xipula - 2013-07-02 10:57

    Funny VW are saying the road condition inhibit them from making a better performing GTi when they make a GTi R with better performance. People there's better cars out there. One can buy a BMW 125, Renault, STi and lots more. Lets see if we stop buying this GTi if they will worry about the SA roads.

      Brutus Mcgreggor - 2013-07-02 19:50

      Shamepies, the order books for GTI's are so full some dudes will wait up to six months. By the way, spec your 125 to a standard GTI and you will come up to 430K, true storie

  • Jacob Digwamaje - 2013-07-02 11:03

    Well said!

  • Aldrin Joseph - 2013-07-02 11:20

    ST3 is 5 doors and has bi-xenon lights as standard. On the GTI it is a R9600 option.This pushes GTI manual to R377900. GTI is a great car but way over priced. See options pricing below from VW .co.za : Metallic / Pearlescent Paint R900 Panoramic Sunroof (Tilt & Slide)R9,000 Manually Foldable Towbar R4,000 Bi-Xenon headlights package R9,600 KESSY Keyless entry R4,600 High beam assist "Light Assist" R1,050 Park Distance Control (Front & Rear) R3,050 Parallel parking assistant "Park Assist" with PDC R6,350 "Rear Assist" rear view camera R3,000 Addaptive chassis control incl. driving profile selection R10,200 Mobile device interface Media-In with iPod/iPhone adapter cable in front storage box R850 "Discover Pro" Radio with Satellite Navigation, USB & Bluetooth R18,350 DynAudio 300W Excite sound system R8,200

  • Vinesh Moodley - 2013-07-02 19:26

    boring boring vw

      Brutus Mcgreggor - 2013-07-02 19:51

      You probally drive a 1997 pimped polo

  • Brutus Mcgreggor - 2013-07-02 19:49

    First of all, it's 15kw more with about 60kg less, power/weight ratio halo? Second, power is nothing if you cannot keep it on the road, get an unbiased road test and you will see the st's etc 0-100 will not be any better Now please don't bring up the times around a track, 1 in 1000 maybe goes to a track Gearbox, nothing beats a brilliant double clutcher, this I must have a manual is so old school Please don't believe actual VW sales persons, they don't know anything about their own products Getting to the real reason of the power, VW detunes their engines considerably. It is a well know fact that you can take a standard GTI 6 and tune the engine safely to 180-200kw. Personally I believe they want to protect the R and S3, and also the DSG as to much torque can damage it. Lastly, I was a big OPC fan, but one day I decided to try the GTI 5 with a dsg. Never looked back, maybe just try it, GTI rule,vthe rest follow

      Vinesh Moodley - 2013-07-02 21:44

      the new gti looks as exciting as brutus mcgreggor's granny in a bikini.

      Brutus Mcgreggor - 2013-07-03 11:58

      At least it doesn't look as a brakpan backyard job like a st or Renault, only commin cheapskates buy these rubbish cars

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