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Reader: 'F1 doesn't appeal to me'

2014-05-14 13:06

ANOTHER DISGRUNTLED F1 FAN: Wheels24 reader Eric Kasper Van Wyk asks how F1 could become “so boring”? Image: AFP/TOM GANDOLFINI

Eric Kasper Van Wyk

Wheels24 reader Eric Kasper Van Wyk compares Formula 1 in the 1990s to its current state in 2014 and believes the sport has lost its appeal:

I was a huge fan of F1 in the 1990s and up until about three or four years ago, it just doesn't appeal to me any longer.

I struggle to see the passion the sport once had. Hopefully things will change. People saying that it's not about the sound and it's a strategic game like chess.


If you made that statement 15 years ago you would've been laughed at.

I watched the World Rally championship before watching World Superbikes and was quite pleased with the entertainment. I watched the F1 right after and couldn't get myself to sit through it.

I understand the rules and regulations regarding Formula 1, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself how a sport with such a huge budget a can be so boring it, just doesn't add up.

I will enjoy my WSBK, Australian V8 super cars, WRC and German Touring Car Masters. For now I truly do hope F1 returns to its former glory.

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Many Wheels24 readers claim that F1 has lost its 'wow' factor. Do you agree/disagree? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.
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