Reader: Cash prize proves nothing

2013-01-22 07:36

CAPE TOWN - Minister of transport and public works Robin Carlisle, awarded the first winner of the Western Cape's Safely Home Road Safety Reward campaign with their share of a R50000 prize in January 2013.
The campaign was launched in December 2012 and aimed at rewarding drivers for good behaviour on our roads over the festive season.

Two cash prizes of R25 000 will be rewarded to qualifying drivers, drawn at random, from drivers with their vehicle(s) registered in the province.


Carlisle said: "I would like to congratulate Andrew Cupido on being randomly drawn and verified to win the Safely Home Road Safety Reward of R25000."

Reader Sherman Amos believes that law enforcement needs to improve and become less reliant on speed cameras:

"Notwithstanding that I would like to congratulate Cupido on his Western Cape lotto winnings, I do not agree that this proves anything given the low levels of law enforcement more especially within the urban areas over the festive period as the majority of law enforcement were concentrated on the freeways and major roads.

The owner’s details on eNaTIS might be up to date however the perception does not prove that the driver even drove his vehicle over the period of December 2012. He could have been camping for the whole period or been overseas on holiday or out of the province. It doesn't tell us if he wore his safety belt, whether the vehicle was roadworthy, or if he went through a red robot or failed to stop at a stop sign.

All this proves is that he wasn't caught.

As from 01 December 2012 and including the date schools started in the Western Cape namely 16 January 2013, I saw very few traffic officers other than those on TV, was never pulled over, never came across a roadblock, never had my vehicle checked and never tested for alcohol use during the festive period.

Law enforcement must be improved during the year especially in urban areas with increased visibility, vehicles stopped and pulled over with physical checks  and less reliance on cameras. This will improve the perception of being caught and during 2013 create the road safety awareness that would ultimately change the current road user culture that would serve to ensure a safer festive season."

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  • zathris.voulge - 2013-01-22 16:39

    I was on holiday in and around Cape Town during Cape Town for about 10 days. People there drove like rubbish and were not getting pulled over for it. Based on my observations, it is statistically unlikely that mr Cupido sticks to the speed limit, indicates when he should, keeps a decent following distance, drives in the correct lane and knows the difference between headlights, parking lights and foglights. But yeah, let's give him R25K without bothering to check any of this and make him think he's a wonderful driver.... **Please note that no offence is intended towards mr Cupido personally with this comment. It is possible that he is indeed one of the maybe 10% of drivers who do in fact qualify as a "good driver", but I doubt mr Carlisle and his combined group of cronies has more than about a 10.01% chance of knowing that.

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