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Ram raid? Hearse was a meat wagon

2014-03-26 07:43

RAM RAIDERS: Midnight body-snatchers went to work in a hearse in North West but were caught by police. There were strange bodies aboard... Image: SHUTTERSTOCK

VRYBURG, North West - Three men have been arrested here for transporting four goat carcasses in a hearse in Vryburg on Tuesday, .

North West police said patrolling officers noticed the hearse at around 1am on March 25 2014. A spokesperson said: "They followed it but the driver increased speed when he realised police were following them."


The hearse, from a funeral parlour in Huhudi near Vryburg, had four dead goats on board.

The three men were questioned and police went to the junction of the Taung-Vryburg road where the skins and heads of the goats and one head of a sheep were found in by the road.

"It was then established that the goats and a sheep were stolen and slaughtered in Tshoseng village near Pudimoe. The meat and skins were confiscated by the police."

The three are expected to appear in Vryburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

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