Raking it in: Clarkson's payout

2012-10-11 10:56

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson received a R44m payout from the production company he started before selling his stake to BBC Worldwide.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarkson was also paid up to R209m from the sale of his 30% in Bedder 6.

The company was a joint project with the BBC, which has now taken full control of the 50% that was split between Clarkson and Top Gear producer Andy Wilman. Bedder 6 was set up in 2007 with the intention of exploiting Top Gear's  global brand.


Bedder 6 has had massive success off Top Gear’s merchandise, show tours and international sales rights.

Clarkson was paid a talent fee of R6.3m, an increase of 30% compared to his R4.8m fee in 2011, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Clarkson has signed a lucrative new deal to continue presenting the hit motoring show until 2015 alongside Richard Hammond and James May. He is likely to be paid a fixed annual fee of R6.9m.

A spokesman for BBC Worldwide said: "BBC Worldwide has agreed new commercial deals with Jeremy, James, Richard and Andy to secure Top Gear’s international future for another three years.

The name Bedder 6 is believed to be a play of the words "better sex" - a reference to an in-joke about one of the dormitories at Wilman and Clarkson's former school.

  • uwe.klopfer - 2012-10-11 12:41

    Jeremy Clarkson did a smart thing at the right time and is now coining it. good for him, I see nothing wrong here... even though the under tone of this report is one of dodgy deals

  • robert.doyle.712 - 2012-10-12 02:06

    He screwed you Seff Efrikens stukkend at that Kyalami stint you all fell for. He knew you all were starving for entertainment and exploited you clones.He can see a sucker miles away.

  • frank.cornelissen.1 - 2012-10-12 15:09

    Top Gear is one of a handful of reasons why I keep punishing myself by paying for the cr@p DSTv we are saddled up with. I don't care what they pay that trio as they are by far the best entertainment around. These local clowns masquerading as entertainers can join a course presented by them on how to be a smart, witty, needle sharp and sustainable.

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