Radio killer dodges jail time

2013-06-13 11:58

LONDON, England – A British woman's driving killed her boyfriend when she crashed her car after a silly quarrel about the car's radio.

Alec Pearn (24) died when his girlfriend Laura Hauerslev (22) lost control of her car while trying to turn down the radio volume during an argument. They were on their way to visit her family.

The London Daily Mail reported that Hauerslev claimed she had a headache and they argued over what radio station to listen to and the volume. Pearn turned the volume up twice, she turned it down.

Hauerslev took her eyes off the road for just a moment to turn down the volume again but hit a kerb before losing control of her Citroen.


Pearn tried to grab the steering-wheel, the Mail said, but it was too late, a court heard on June 12. The car was not only travelling just over the 100km/h speed limit but also had insufficient tread on three tyres. The car rolled and hit a tree in September 2012. Pearn died of multiple injuries.

Hauerslev escaped a prison sentence because the court accepted that Pearn’s family did not want her behind bars and she had acknowledged that negligent driving caused the death of her boyfriend. She was given a 12-month community service order and 240 hours of unpaid work. She was also banned from driving for two years.

The judge told her: “I treat it as a tragic accident caused by a momentary loss of concentration."

The court heard the couple were happy but often argued in a joking fashion and teased each other. Prosecutor Peter Coombe said they had been arguing about 'a most silly thing' when the accident happened.