Radar-trap rage hot in Slovenia

2012-10-25 07:54

BELGRADE, Solvenia - Vandals have destroyed several speed traps in a Slovenian city as public outrage swells over a new speed-trap system operated by a private business.

The 24ur news site said five of the 40 speed-measuring radars units in the town of Maribor had been  burned in the previous four nights at a cost of about R8500 each. No arrests have been made.

The radars are part of a new automated system operated by a private company, Iskra Sistemi, on a 10-year agreement with the cash-strapped city authorities.


The speed traps are as efficient as local drivers are undisciplined - they photographed 16 000 speed violators in the first 10 days of operation.

Town mayor Franc Kangler promised that violators would initially receive only a warning many drivers remain outraged about the tighter controls, blasting them as "Big Brother." A Facebook page against them was launched and the programme has been mocked on YouTube.

Despite the protests, more radars are planned for the town. The operator is keen to recover a R300-million investment and begin making a profit.

According to the private-public deal, Iskra Sistemi will keep 92% of the money from speeding and red-light tickets. It has the option to extend its contract for another five years if it does see a return on its investment in the first 10 years.