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What luck! Crash rider saved by a pool

2014-06-25 08:04

AND HE STICKS THE LANDING: A Taiwanese teenager who made an illegal turn and crashed ws saved by a paddling-pool. That little speck in the circle is the rider. Image: YouTube


Watch how Micheal Strauss travel's from SA to Italy on a Vespa scooter. Will he make it? Find out in the video.

It's every motorcyclist's worst fear - being hit by a larger vehicle. A rider in Taiwan was incredibly fortunate to have survived a head-on collision.

VIDEO: Scooter rider's amazing save

As reported in the UK's Daily Mail, a scooter rider made an illegal left turn and collided with an oncoming car. A video posted on YouTube shows the rider being flung through the air.

Incredibly, he landed on an abandoned paddling-pool before bouncing into a roadside fence. 

The Mail reported that the rider was fined (the equivalent of) R2110 for not having a driving licence and not wearing a helmet.

The car driver was also penalised for driving without due care and attention. 

Read the original story from The Daily Mail here.  
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