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Pub-lunch stop leaves car in canal

2014-04-08 13:27

MAKING A SPLASH: How would you react if you found your car floating in a canal? Tomos Williams will have some tough weeks ahead after his car was found submerged. Image: Shutterstock

LONDON, England - Tomos Williams had the perfect date planned - park the car nearby and take a romantic stroll with his girlfriend. After their leisurely walk Williams decided to pop into a nearby pub for drink.

Sadly, his pint was cut short when he was informed his Toyota Avensis rolled into the Llangollen Canal in Wales.


According to the London Daily Mail, passers-by heard a loud snapping sound (allegedly the handbrake-cable failing) moments before the car rolled into the murky water.

Police were called to retrieve the car and it was taken to a garage to be examined. Williams claims he had left the handbrake up.

Sadly, to crown what’s understandably a bad week for Williams, he is facing unemployment.

 Read the original story from The Daily Mail

Wheels24 advises readers to always park with your handbrake engaged and leave your car in gear.

Have you experienced a similarly disastrous situation with your car? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts.
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