Poo-poo trike the dung thing

2012-08-29 13:34

Japanese toilet maker Toto has unveiled a "poop-powered" motorcycle capable of 300km on a single tank filled with animal waste.

Billed as the world's first bodily-waste powered vehicle, the three-wheeler has a toilet in place of a regular seat and huge paper roll at the back. We suppose it’s for filling up while on the go.

The faecal-powered trike uses animal waste as part of the toilet maker’s efforts to raise environmental awareness and reduce emissions.


While we might agree the model’s quirky power source could reduce carbon emissions, we’re more concerned that it would cause a stink amongst rivals... not to mention other road users.

Toto spokesman Kenji Fujita said: "The biogas it uses as fuel is not made from human waste. It's made from livestock waste and sewage. We hope to raise awareness among customers about our green campaign through development of environmentally friendly products such as water-saving showerheads and water-saving toilets."

Toto is well-known in Japan for its creative toilet designs, among them units equipped with heatable seats, water jets and even background music.

Unfortunately the group has no plans to commercialise the motorcycle. Perhaps they thought it was a crap idea?

Would you want to own a “poop-powered” trike or should this quirky bike just be left to slide?

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