Poll: SA rides are 'cleanest'

2012-09-11 12:33

According to a study by BP Ultimate, South Africa’s cars could be among the cleanest and best-kept in the world, with 96% of SA drivers saying they take great pride in the appearance of their cars.

The survey, which drew almost a thousand responses from male and female drivers across SA, showed that eight in ten respondents said they clean their cars at least once a week.

A grubby 2% confessed to cleaning their cars just once a year. This translates to 164 000 grimy vehicles among the 8.2 million cars on our roads.

A similar study in the USA, found that 16% of drivers never wash their cars, equating to a staggering 73 million dirty cars among the 138 million registered vehicles in the US.

The poll revealed that Northern Cape drivers have the cleanest cars, with nine in ten drivers washing their cars at least once a week compared to only six out of every ten car owners in the Western Cape who wash their cars weekly.

Cleanest cars per province: Respondents who wash their cars at least once a week

1. Northern Cape – 97%
2. Free State – 94%
3. KwaZulu-Natal – 86%
4. Mpumalanga – 85%
5. North West Province – 79%
6. Limpopo – 77%
7. Gauteng – 76%
8. Eastern Cape – 73%
9. Western Cape – 67%

The poll also showed negligible disparity amongst SA’s wealthier and poorer drivers when it comes to vehicles cleanliness. The survey showed that wealthier drivers (over 78% occupying senior managerial posts), said they regularly wash their own rides.

Drivers who are less well-off are just as proud, with 75% of those in lower employment positions saying they are not prepared to drive a dirty vehicle for longer than a week.

Peter Cock, BP’s technical fuels manager, said: “Even when asked about leaving the occasional piece of rubbish in the car, over 83% of respondents said they don’t.

He points out that regular cleaning can help preserve the value of one’s car by getting rid of salt and other corrosive substances.

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  • sunith.varkey - 2012-09-11 14:28

    There is nothing else to do in the northern cape other than wash your car...

      Luyanda - 2012-09-11 19:25

      JEALOUSY JEALOUSY JEALOUSY!!! I bet U are from Gauteng as Gautengers are like Americans who want to be the BEST IN EACH AND EVERY TRIVIAL THING! Kr Kr Kr....

  • Luyanda - 2012-09-11 19:36

    U should also research which Municipal Area has the Most Car Washes as I think the Nelson Mandela Metro{Port Elizabeth/Despatch/Uitenhage} should be in the TOP 5. Car Washes are a new way of killing Crime/Boredom and putting Money in the Pockets around here. I'm talking from experience as my younger brothers,their neighbourhood friends and I ran the Kingz Car Wash in Kwa-Dwesi,PORT ELIZABETH, from 2001 until we were employed by Volkswagen S.A in 2003/2004. We handed it over to our neighbourhood youngsters who are STILL RUNNING IT.

  • Luyanda - 2012-09-11 22:06

    Since when are VEHICLES \rides\?! Stop confusing people with American slang. What's next,Cigarettes being \Smokes\ and SUV being \Trucks\?

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