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Perez: 'Monaco GP will be exciting'

2014-05-22 08:17

NAIL-BITING : F1 driver Sergio Perez believes the 2014 Monaco GP will be an interesting race and "more exciting than in recent years". Image: AP/Luca Bruno

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Force India's Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez, though a critic of the sport's new era, has admitted that this weekend's (May 25) 2014 Monaco F1 GP "will be more interesting than usual".

Two weeks ago in Spain Perez was highly critical of the 2014 season so far, saying it was "embarrassing" that GP2 cars were now rivalling F1 on lap times.

However, he expects drivers grappling with their high-torque turbo-hybrid cars between the armco crash barriers at tight and twisty Monaco will be a spectacle.


Perez said: "It will be really interesting in Monaco. We will see drivers make many mistakes. It will definitely be more exciting than in recent years."

Monaco rewards those with the highest level of commitment, prepared to brush the barriers for the reward of tenths. The penalty for errors, however, is even higher and Perez thinks that is doubly true for Monaco in 2014.

Perez said: "An error here will cost you a hell of a lot. There is no particular area where it is more difficult - it is going to affect the whole track."

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