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Outa whip to Sanral: 'Please charge me for e-tolls'

2015-09-16 11:38

I DARE YOU: Outa spokesperson John Clarke has called on Sanral to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills. Image: YouTube

Johannesburg - Someone has finally taken a stand against the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral). Outa spokesperson, John Clarke, has openly called on the national company to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills.

Outa posted a video online where Clarke calls on Sanral to cease its 'selective use of law' to bully South Africans into paying e-tolls.

'Eroded legitimacy'

Clarke says in the video: "On Thursday, September 10, the false license plate charge against Stoyen Stoychev - a Gauteng resident, has been regarded by many as an attempt by Sanral to further intimidate Gauteng road users into acceptance of the e-toll scheme. But what they have actually done, is eroded the state’s legitimacy to create good order in society."

Clarke also states that Sanral tried to amplify the prosecution as much as possible in the media and that the company claimed the case was the first successful precedent, setting lawful prosecution of someone not paying e-toll bills. Clarke says this is not the case as the result came about a plea bargain and is therefore not binding in the court.

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Furthermore, Clarke explains that no criminal prosecution could succeed because all evidence points to Sanral undermining the Rule of SA Law by "failing to lead by example in demonstrating in practice the Principle of Legitimacy".

Ordered to pay R14 000 e-toll bill

Stoychev was found guilty of fraudulent number plates earlier in September 2015 in a bid "to avoid paying e-toll bills". He was sentenced to six months imprisonment or pay a fine of R20 000; Stoychev was also ordered to pay off a R14 000 Sanral e-toll bill.

According to Outa: "To highlight the fundamental ills of the e-toll scheme, an honest and law abiding citizen, John Clarke, has called on Sanral to cease with their selective use of the law to intimidate society into submission and to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills."

What the public says
Roqui Carpenter said: Thanks Mr Clark, you are representing the vast majority with your bold statement. Your action speaks louder than our words, if they dare (which I doubt) we will stand by you and rock this boat over...

Kirsten Ritchie said: "Mr Clarke - respect for your stance and I enjoyed the clarity you give on the video. You have millions behind you, but by your standing up you have given many of us the moral courage to join you in asking Sanral to arrest us. The system has failed - well done OUTA and people like you Mr Clarke. Love it when the bully gets thumped!"

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