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2012-09-28 14:09

Searching for a vehicle can be strenuous; the Average Joe might not know which models are available or the difference in specifications. Should you choose a large family hatchback or think about your needs for once find that roadster you’ve always dreamed about?

And then there’s finding a vehicle that falls into your price range…

To help out people from all walks of life Wheel24, in partnership with Duoporta, upgraded our prices and specs tool to handle virtually any requirement you might need .


Simply choose from the dropdown selection box on the left to choose your search criteria (automaker, model, price range etc). You can even select different types of transmissions and vehicle body shapes (cabriolet, hatchback, manual, auto etc).

Two-wheel fans rejoice - our tool has a host of bike manufacturers to choose from.


Once you’re happy with a choice of vehicle you can click the “add to compare” button and your vehicle selection will be saved at the bottom of the page.

You can select up to four vehicles to compare regardless of type. Once you’re happy with your choice, scroll to the bottom and select “compare” and a new window will pop-up and show your selection. You can also delete and select new ones on the fly.

Can’t decide between an auto city car and considering buying a scooter? Our tool will let you compare both.

Trying to find the best hot hatch? Add up to four models in our vehicle comparison block and look at the stats.

Q: I searched for a car and was happy with my choice but when I searched for a different model my first choice disappeared”
A: You have to select “add to compare” to save your selection. You can perform other searches while your selection remains at the bottom of the screen.

Q: I’m not happy with my selection. I want to get rid of certain models
A: By clicking on "remove" selection the vehicle choice will disappear from the bottom on the screen allowing you to select more models (max of four). Remember that if you delete a vehicle from your “compare list” you will have to search for it again should you wish to return it to your list.

Q: I tried searching for a model but sometimes I either get a blank screen or very few selections.
A: This could mean the search criteria have not found what you’re looking for as the make/model/option is not available for that specific search.

Q: I’m not sure which car to choose, how can I find out more about the latest models?
A: By checking/searching Wheels24 daily as we bring you the latest in motoring news and new models. Not mention the occasional quirky video or two.

We’re constantly searching for ways to improve our tool, so if you have any suggestions please share your thoughts in our comment section below or email us and we'll add them to this Q&A list.

Cheers, The Wheels24 crew.

  • Vickers - 2012-09-28 19:24

    Not working in Firefox, Opera or Chrome. I will not use that sad excuse for a browser from Microsoft. So I am not sure about IE. Tried the 0-500000 option and then the 250k-350 option. Stopped right there in all 3 browsers

  • cypro.mailula - 2012-10-03 12:40

    Please add car weight in addition to Height, Width and Length.

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