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2014-09-25 17:00

PAY WEEKENDS CAUSE SPIKE IN ROAD DEATHS: Western Cape MEC Donald Grant has asked all road users to exercise caution during payday weekends. Image: Wheels24/ Marcel Trout

CAPE TOWN, Western Cape - In September 2014 the South African Police Service (SAPS) released its crime statistics for the period April 2013 - March 2014.

Among cases of aggravated robbery, the SAPS reported 11 221 carjackings (12.3% up on 2013's 9990). The report showed 991 truckjackings (up 5.1%). There were 56 870 cases of motor vehicle and motorcycle theft, down 2.6% from 58 370 cases in 2013.


Western Cape MEC of transport and public works, Donald Grant, commented: “Analysis of 2014 fatalities data indicates that fatalities on pay day weekends spike by as much as 23.6% over other weekends. On average, 3.6 people are killed every day on Western Cape roads; this rises to 6.2 over pay day weekends.

“August 2014 had the worst 'pay weekend' of the year - 26 road deathsy weekend starting August 1. The next pay day weekend, which began on August 29, saw another 20 people killed.”

Here's the department's 'pay weekend' live-saving tips:

• Do not mix alcohol and road use. Driving or walking on a road while intoxicated is a "quick way to an early grave". Use public transport if you intend to drink alcohol.

• If you are travelling in a vehicle always wear a seat belt – this one-second step doubles your chance of surviving a crash.

• Never exceed the speed limit.


Friday - 6pm to midnight.
Saturday - 6am to 10am.
Saturday nights – “avoid driving completely if possible" between 6pm and  4am.
Sunday -3pm to 9pm.

2013 - 2014 Western Cape vehicle crime statistics:
Motor vehicle and motorcycle theft - 9511
Theft from motor vehicles - 42 638
Carjacking - 961
Truckjacking - 40

According to the department: “Payday means money available for people to travel, shop and visit loved ones but it also means money to buy alcohol.

"Greater mobility and greater access to alcohol are reflected in spikes in the death rate over payday weekends. While further data analysis is required to isolate all the factors involved, the public is warned to exercise extra caution such periods.”


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