Nokia, Garmin going walkabout

2012-10-03 12:42

Nokia has revealed a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and announced it will work with Garmin to supply its global Transit and Pedestrian content (TaP) for the satnav company’s new Urban Guidance function.

Adding this feature to Navigon and Garmin navigation apps will give consumers a choice of generating directions not only for driving and walking but also for public transport.

Urban Guidance will initially be available via an app purchase for the following smartphones: Navigon for iOS, Navigon for Android and Garmin StreetPilot Onboard for iPhone.


TaP enables navigation on foot and via public transport; it includes elements such as walkways, bridges, tunnels, crossings, passages and stairs and also powers pedestrian routing across squares, parks and other open spaces. The public transport data features railways, bus lines, stops, stations and access points.

Joern Watzke, vice-president for mobile phone business at Garmin, said: "Nokia's Transit and Pedestrian Content allows us to take a step beyond the car and provide a very effective and relevant solution for navigating cities. City folk lead very busy lives and need to find the best way to get where they are going, whether driving, walking or taking a bus."


TaP is already available for nearly 400 locations around the world, supports a full range of functionality and is optimised for delivery across a variety of mobile platforms. It can be used as a foundation with other visual content added to develop the pedestrian experience beyond the car.

Bruno Bourguet, senior vice-president for sales and business development at Nokia Location & Commerce, said: "Through an in-depth understanding of the complexities of location, Nokia Location & Commerce continues to build products and services which help guide people seamlessly to their destination.

"With Transit and Pedestrian Content at its heart, Urban Guidance represents real added value whether driving or walking and using public transport."