'No-stop' video: Crash, bang - flip

2014-02-28 10:33

CENTURION, Gauteng - Are you one of the fools on South African roads who ignores stop signs? Watch at least nine drivers break the law before, well, watch what stupidity brings...

A video posted on YouTube by Pretoria’s Centurion Rekord shows a car (we think it's a Volvo) collide with a black Land Rover at a four-way-stop junction - the Landy flips as the low nose of the Volvo goes under it - so much for a high 4x4' being a safe 'mom's taxi'!

The crash was at the corner of Sonja Street and Glover Avenue in Doringkloof, Centurion, on February 26 2014.

VIDEO: Pta drivers crash at stop street

According to the police, as reported by the Centurion Rekord's website, the black SUV - such vehicles are popular in Gauteng as suburbia's 'mom's taxis' - and the white car “misjudged each other at the stop street".

No they didn't! At least one of them just didn't stop! In fact, before the crash, no other vehicle in the video actually came to a full stop at the junction. The Land Rover, it appears, didn't even slow down!

Watch the video closely and you'll pick up a few close calls.

An emergency service spokesman told the Rekord,the crash was at around 7am. Both drivers sustained minor injuries but “only the driver of the Land Rover was taken to the nearest hospital”. Wonder if he/she was wearing a seat belt - and what would have happened if a child had been riding unrestrained?

This is the kind of issue that will always take place, unless there is visible policing? We remember a Jozi court case of some years ago where a traffic cop said: "Lady, the junction wasn't a comma, it was a full stop!"

Do YOU jump the occasional stop sign or do you actually halt?  Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use the Readers' Comments section below...

  • Dewald P Montgomery - 2014-02-28 11:00

    People simply don't follow the rules. No signals at turning lanes "because it's obvious"; No signals changing lanes on the highway "because it's obvious";. No stopping at stop streets "because there's no one there"; Pushing in at mini-circles; Driving over or the wrong way around mini-circles; etc. JOIN DODGYDRIVERS ON FACEBOOK AND EXPOSE THESE MOTORISTS TO THEIR INSURANCE COMPANIES WITH PHOTOS AND VIDEOS.

  • Joe Casquilho - 2014-02-28 13:07

    I live in Klerksdorp, it's the same here, stop signs are ignored. I travel around 1600km/month and have yet to see a traffic officer or police officer wearing a seatbelt. I thought road rules apply to all. At a traffic stop people are pulled over due to not wearing a seatbelt but the traffic officers in the vehicle in front of me pulled up and were NOT wearing their seatbelts. Nobody fined them. Amazing law enforcement.

  • Miguel Graca - 2014-02-28 14:57

    This is because there are no longer patrol cars that stop people on the spot and fine them for breaking the rules of the road. It's become second nature for people to drive with bad habits because they don't get punished where it hurts, their pockets. The minister of transport as well as the various traffic departments are to blame since sitting in the bushes manning a speed camera brings in quick and easy revenue without too much effort, so why bother with proper policing.

  • Nico Basson - 2014-03-01 05:07

    I draaif a SUV so de roud bielongs to me, I dount haf to folouw the rools.

      Gareth Coats - 2014-03-01 19:46

      and the Volvo? that driver was equally guilty. Comment dripping with green slimey envy.

      OldNick - 2014-03-03 15:24

      Ja Nico. I ken also laaik to draaif a SUV an I hed a Praaado wuns but now I draaif a Wolvo an eefen thow da roud dusint bielongs to me no more, I feel sayfir after seeying vus video.

  • Kevin Marsh - 2014-03-01 07:11

    Where are the traffic cops ? Never around , useless or just plain scared of the killer taxis. Saw 20 motorbikes and cars from the JMDP at KFC on Jan Smuts . That's where they are .

  • Kwashirai Chigodora - 2014-03-02 17:11

    the driver of the Volvo had more opportunity to prevent the accident. He entered the intersection way after the SUV.

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