Nissan recall: SA affected

2012-09-14 09:28

CAPE TOWN - Nissan is recalling 51 000 cars globally, with a potential 500 customers in South Africa affected, to investigate a reported steering wheel problem.

The recall affects Nissan's Qashqai, Qashqai+2 and NV200 (not sold in South Africa) models.


A Nissan Finland official was quoted as saying that 600 vehicles affected in that country were likely to require a new steering wheel after one on a Qashqai+2 came loose.

Veralda Schmidt, Nissan SA media relations manager, said: "Potentially 500 vehicles in South Africa might be affected by the recall. 

"Potential affected customers will be contacted to bring their vehicles in for a check, should there be a problem it will be repaired at no cost to the customer."


  • morgaenart.farto - 2012-09-15 08:50

    Japp Crapp

  • Vickers - 2012-09-15 09:18

    Recalls are a good thing, even Rolls Royce had one recently. I would rather have a car that was recalled to have a problem fixed than wonder when the accelerator is going to stick and kill my family.

  • morgaenart.farto - 2012-09-16 09:17

    This just in from TimesLive... "Nissan SA in "voluntary recall" after steering wheel detaches in UK customer’s Qashqai vehicle" Steering wheels falling off?? What next? The bonnet coming off at 100km/h? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  • Delores Moniz Jardim - 2014-04-22 21:52

    Hi I am the owner of a Nissan Qashqai 2009. I was at the drive through and my steering would not move. Car had to be towed. Ive been told that the steering rack needs to be replaced. Can this fault be related to the steering rack that came loose in Finland??

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