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Newey: 'New rules have slowed F1'

2014-06-05 09:03

GO SLOW: Red Bull designer Adrian Newey says F1's new rules are restricting aerodynamic development and preventing the sport getting faster. Image: AFP/Mark Thompson

MONTREAL, Canada - Have restrictive rules slowed the pace of aerodynamic development in Formula 1?

Frustrated aerodynamics genius Adrian Newey told Germany's Auto Motor and Sport that the era of making giant mid-season strides with innovative ideas appeared to be over.

Newey said: "Look at the upgrades of the first six races. Much less than 2013, and most of it was cosmetic. We're looking at details such as the 'monkey seat' (see below) because the regulations give us less and less room to move."


A 'monkey seat' is a small wing just above the exhaust outlet, according to Red Bull, which works in conjunction with the faster exhaust gases in the rear-wing setup. It creates more downforce at low speeds when the engine revs are high, creating faster exhaust flow.

International Automobile Federation technical delegate Joe Bauer confirmed: "We have never seen so little crash testing."

Nonetheless, Ferrari will debut a substantially upgraded 2014 car on May 8 for the 2014 Canadian F1 GP. Italy's Autosprint magazine said so much had changed that the car could aptly be called a 'B-version' of the F14-T.

Driver Fernando Alonso said: "We can't make predictions because our improvement has to be seen in relation to what our competitors come up with.

"We need to match them and then find a plus."

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