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New car licence rules for SA: Angry users respond

2015-11-03 09:21

WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW? Wheels24 user Jon F says: 'I am a non-resident and leave the SA insured vehicle with friends when not in Africa. I travel in Zambia, Botswana and neighboring countries. Image: Wheels24 user / Jon F

UPDATE: We've added more user responses, so keep them coming...

Cape Town - On Monday (November 2), Wheels24 reported that SA drivers are now required to provide a proof of residence when applying to renew their vehicle licence.

The new rule came into effect on November 2 2015 by the National Department of Transport as part of Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations.

Drivers, whose vehicle licences are up for renewal in November, should take note that the issuing of a vehicle licence disc could be denied if these new requirements are not met.

Read the full story here: New car licence rules for SA

Users respond

We've received dozens of emails and comments from Wheels24 users. Most have no postboxes, bills are received via email and many live abroad with locally registered cars. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our users and have reached out to local government for response.

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Here's what users have to say:

Aubrey Calitz says: What about people who don't have any accounts on their name and the water and lights account not in their name? So that means I can't renew my license disc?

Zingisile Mhlonyane says: It will inconvenience people. When u stay in rural areas there is no proof like utility bill etc. People use post boxes.

Tony Wells says: Yes it will inconvenience me – I do not have proof of residence as all my  post goes to a PO box, and I live in a house that is in the name of a trust – so what do I do?

Andrea Renton says: A major inconvenience as almost everything, all major retail store accounts, is emailed these days. I personally do not receive mail except from my bank… does that count?

pd.perumal says: I have three vehicles registered in my name. One for my son, one for my daughter and one for me.

My daughter and son live in Gauteng and I in North west.Every year when I want to renew my license I am told to renew at Gauteng or provide proof of residence.I am a pensioner, renting and often spend my time traveling.The only proof of residence is my lease contract. Providing proof of residence is definitely a nuisance to me.

M.G.rama says: What is procedure for someone staying with his children?

Juan Van der Merwe says: Yes this is an issue as I am currently living in the UAE and gave my car to my sister to use for the time being.

So how do they expect me to renew my license if i do not have a permanent South African address nor any utillity bills, or any proof of permanent residence in South Africa. 

And if I cannot renew the licence, who is going to pay the fine for an outstanding licence disc as I cannot renew it when I come visit my family back in South Africa without proof of residence?

Jo-Anne Claasen: If you're living and working abroad and own a car in SA. You don't have any of the documentation... what do you stand to do?

EJ Strick says: The new regulation to renew your cars license disk sounds good, it would take time to get into the habit.

The drivers license just don't make sense at all, I stay abroad and only renew my license in SA. Why should I involve family to assist me with a address and documents I don't have? As an expat I really think it defeats the purpose, people will just lie and provide fake information.  

Ernie van Biljon says: Like everything in the "New" SA, this one hasn't been thought through either!

The property I stay in is rented by my wife and the only account we have (a chemist account) is also in her name! She has a cellphone account, but I have a pay-as-you-go and we don't have a Telkom line! 

I know of many people who have vehicles registered locally, but do not have a local registered residential address or utility bills or accounts for a variety of reasons!If they won't renew my licenses, I will drive without the required documents and see them in court! Like the e-tolls and the new proposed Sectional Title Ombudsman, there is a paranoia within government to find as many ways and rules to fleece their subjects.

Apartheid was seen as the epitome of racism, discrimination and abuse of human rights! The ANC has made the NP look like puerile amateurs with their abuse of its subjects!

'What should we do now?'

Niel Burger says: I like the idea behind the proof of address. Don’t think it will affect the law abiding citizens though. They should also make it compulsory to provide proof of insurance and a roadworthy certificate that’s not older than two years. Then insurance premiums might decrease as well as ensure all vehicles on the road are roadworthy.

Mike Seeeney says: Yes, this is flawed. I have just moved into a new development and cannot furnish proof of residence in the form of a bill or account. What now?

Sphiwe Mthembu says: I think it will have negative effect. What about changing the rule of the disc renewal which is crap. We only pay at the South African Post Office. But not just any SAPO, the one that you are told to go to. I thought since we are in RSA we should just use any post office.  

Bongi Thabede says: Was at Licensing today and they refused to register my vehicle without proof of postal address, I did have proof of residence and all other documents. Most people, like me, am unemployed and there is nothing that is posted to me. What about unemployed people, without any utility bills?

Brian Daniel says: Really stupid rule. Will simply not renew licence as have not proof of residence. Everything on email and not posted. So simply can't comply, so they better not fine me. 

Julian Corss says: As a couple who live on a farm all our post goes to a post box or to my husbands workshop in town. Have nothing with our residential address on it will cause us a great deal of inconvenience. 

Christopher Palframan says: As long as the rule applies to all license holders as well as all vehicle owners.

Kelvin Tugwaroh says: The new regulations and changes are not bad because the addresses of other people do change time to time.

Ian C says: What about withholding licences if the owner has no 3rd Party insurance for accidents. It should be a crime to drive without insurance.

Pearly Mulidzwi says: I just don't know how it's going to work if I'm a student at varsity and living with my parents.

Aubrey Roux says: I tried today to register my car as its payed off at the bank. I live on a plot in Pretoria and am renting my house witch means that I do not get any mail at my place I live. We have prepaid electricity and I have to buy my electricity from the owner of the house. Now today they tell me that they cant help me without proof of residence.

I am banking with Standard bank and there they won't give me a statement with my address on it as they do not do it any more, why I would not understand. Further more I do not have credit at any place as I tried to do everything cash. If there is anyone out there that can please tell me what and how to do this now? I really think this is ridiculous for South Africans that is honest.  

Les Rautenbach says: How do the youngsters (16) provide proof of residence for a motorbike learners licence if they don't have accounts? 

MuvMuv says: Now it even gets more and more complicated. I don't own a post office box I receive all my statements via email. If the purpose of this new law is to make sure we all receive our letters to remind us of the renewal of our discs, how am I going to get one of i don't own a post office box.

At least if we are also asked to put in our email addresses so we can get the letters through them. We were always asked to go green and save paper that's why we ended up suspending our post boxes. Does this mean we have to reapply and pay around R300 a year just to receive one letter? And by the way, my disc on the windshield always reminds me.

Shayne Crouwkamp says: Surely there are more serious issues in this country that we can turn our resources to. This is going to be a night mare and frustrate South Africans even more. 

Jon F says: Looks as though SA will loose me as a car buyer as I export cars out of South Africa and I am not a resident...

What happens to people like myself who will not be able to licience a vehicle. I live in the UK but tour South Africa on a Cape Town registered vehicle that cost over R500k. I am a non resident and leave the SA insured vehicle with friends when not in Africa. I travel in Zambia, Botswana and neighboring countries. I keep my vehicle registered in my name as easier when traveling. Helping others less fortunate giving them a chance in life.

Has the government forgotten about people like myself that work in other parts of Africa helping orphanages as I have no residency status and work out of the kindness of my heart.. Guess this is just more trade lost for SA as I pay my insurance and road licence.

Ashith James says: These new rules are absolutely crazy. How on earth is an 18 year old or 17 year old supposed to provide a proof of residence of their own while living with parents? 
This means that they cannot apply for drivers and learner's licences anymore if they don't provide a proof of residence? That is preposterous. 

So the logic is if you don't live in a dwelling in your own name then you cannot own a car, drivers or learner's licence? 

Excelda Petrie sys: Just another thing where bribery will be at the order of the day! Only the law abiding will do this. Another money making racket!!!

Siddiq says: Can my license disk be with held for outstanding traffic fines?

Anthony OReilly says: The longer the current government is in power the bigger the joke becomes.

Lizzy Seopa says: To be honest, I feel like this country is trying everything they can to rip its citizens off. I'm so soooo tired of Zuma's tricks. This is a disgrace.

Rontan says: What happens about my Renewal Notices which I am NOT receiving through the Postal Service? My normal mail doesn't even get delivered anymore either!  What do I do to get your mail?

Inotnega says: Definitely it will inconvenience some people because you have people staying in squatter camps who don't have proof of address. Now all this will create more problems as to people not renewing their licences due to this regulation or you will find that some people will register their vehicles with another name just to avoid this requirement. I hope the people who came up with this law has a plan B in place when some people don't show up for renewing their licences.

Aubrey W says: How does a foreigner who owns a vehicle in South Africa renew his license?

I am South African but I live in the UK and and I have had my mother renew my license every year! My mom has recently passed away so I have now given a friend a letter, Certified copies of My ID etc, which supposedly is sufficient for her to renew my license! Any advice on this would be much appreciated! 

Bernardette says: This is the best thing ever! Flush out wrong doers. If you have nothing to hide, why would this inconvenience you? The banks require proof of residence. Cell phone companies call for it. Why then should we not produce proof of residence when taking out a license, drivers license etc. 

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