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New Mustang at full gallop for SA

2014-02-17 09:45

PONY CAR FOR SA: Ford’s iconic Mustang will arrive in South Africa in 2015 and in right-hand drive! Image: NEWSPRESS


Ford’s masterpiece Mustang sports car that celebrated its 50th birthday in 2013, was a superbly made vehicle with star quality looks that appealed to a far greater audience than the brand's marketing department could ever have hoped.

IMAGE GALLERY: 2014 Ford Mustang

I recently wrote about the exciting new range of 2014 Harley-Davidsons (Mount Rushmore) now in showrooms. That iconic two-wheeler had me wondering what else "Made in the USA" could possibly stir the soul in the same way – the soon to be launched in SA Ford Mustang* of course!

BTW, we've been told by a media mole that, rather than the intended 2015 launch, we'll have the cars here before Christmas. That should make some Big Boys with plenty moolah very happy...


In the 1970's I was an avid collector of a British car magazine called Motorsport. I well remember a columnist who wanted readers’ comments about the best car and motorcycle pairing anyone could have standing in front of their house.

I wrote in and suggested the unit construction Triumph Speed Twin motorcycle and aged Rover 90 P4 that I owned at the time were everything and more to this particular enthusiast. The topic raged on for about three months before William Boddy, the editor, put a stop to all the bickering!

One reader was adamant that his 1965 Ford Mustang and Harley bike made the perfect combination of wheels and, with what I know now, he may well have had a strong case.


Released on to the American market in 1964, the Dearborn factory geared up to produce an annual quota of 100 000 Mustangs but 22 000 were ordered within the first 24 hours!

Within a year Ford would to build nearly 420 000 Mustangs in three body styles: a hardtop coupé, a convertible (ragtop) and the very desirable fastback 2+2 version.

Prices started at $2368 (about the equivalent of R1578 at the time). For $100 more one could specify a “special handling package” that consisted heavier front and rear springs, uprated shock-absorbers, a stiffer front anti-roll bar and a more direct steering box.

Ford then, as now, was a true enthusiast’s dream brand: amazingly were 11 engine and transmission combinations offered in the ’65 Mustang.

You could order the base-line straight-six 2.8-litre that developed 91 lively kiloWatts but why muck about, most Mustang owners plumped for the manic 4.7-litre V8 that pushed out close to 160kW, while offering a top speed of around 200km/h, perfect for club racing and the drag strips.

In the rough and tough world of big corporations much credit for the success of the Mustang was given to Lee Iacocca, a top marketing man at that time.

A run-in with the top brass at Ford led to his demise with the mighty automaker, only to be the saviour at rival Chrysler (do you remember them as a giant automobile manufacturer?) where his marketing skills were really appreciated – but that, as they say in the classics, is another story!

*Local pricing and specifications have yet to be determined.

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