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2014-07-11 08:26

WHAT DO YOU DO? Road rage is a regular occurrence in South Africa. Even when you try and get away, it could still be life-threatening. Image: Shutterstock (image staged by models)

Road rage is rampant anywhere in the world but it's often violent in South Africa. Here, drivers think nothing of taking out a gun and shooting those who have offended them. In February 2014Wheels24 reported on a Johannesburg biker who was killed in one such incident.

The Pretoria Wheels24 reader and mother* has written to us about her ordeal. She shared the following:

I was involved in a road-rage incident on Thursday (July 10) while driving with my mother and 10-month-old baby. It has really shaken me!

At about 4pm in a shopping centre along Atterbury Road, Pretoria, a man in a red Toyota Hilux bakkie was driving incredibly slowly. In my impatience I hooted. To which he came to a dead stop in the middle of the road. I proceeded to hoot as I was annoyed.


I then drove around him and continued on my way. He followed us to the main road and sped up behind me, hooting. At the traffic light he came alongside me and almost crashed into me, shouting that I must get out. At the next traffic light I decided to race through the amber light and he followed.

He again came alongside me and almost pushed me off the road. I drive a 4x4 so I went on to the pavement to get around him. I was near my house and turned into our road and he still followed so I decided not to go home. I knew of a clinic nearby where there are security guards at the entrance so I headed that way.

He was speeding behind me, I had to drive fast to get away from him. I stopped at the clinic and begged the guards to help me. This man stopped next to me, came to my window swearing, and shouting for me to get out. I begged him to leave us alone because I had my baby in the car.

Eventually he got back in his car and left but I was so fearful that he was lurking somewhere and would follow us home. Even now, hours later, I'm checking that my doors at home are locked.

Road rage is a scary thing. I can't believe someone can snap like that and disregard a 'baby on board' sign too. I know I'm not completely innocent in this case as I did hoot but, jeepers, he definitely over-reacted.

I've reported him to the Arrive Alive "report bad driving" call centre. Is there anything else you can recommend I do? I'm sure he has done this before and will probably do it again.

*The author's name and email address are known to Wheels24 but for obvious reasons she has asked to remain anonymous.

Have you been a victim of this Red Toyota Hilux driver? Have you been victimised in a road rage incident? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use the Readers' Comments section below...
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