Minister to explain R40K fines

2012-07-23 10:09

Cape Town - The DA wants energy minister Dipuo Peters to explain to Parliament how she managed to rack up nearly R40 000 in traffic fines around South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance's Japie van der Linde enquired in a media release how the minister managed to incur the staggering amount of traffic fines.

Van der Linde asked: "Whether any traffic fines were incurred with regard to any of her official vehicles from 2009-2012. If so, what amount in fines was incurred in respect of each specified vehicle in each specified financial year and are the relevant details in each case?"


In reply, the energy minister’s office released a document detailing the dates and fines incurred stating: "The minister is driven to and from official engagements by the South African Police Services’ VIP Protection Unit and the following traffic fines were incurred by the unit’s members in the execution on duty."

Peters revealed in a written reply to a parliamentary question from Greyling that fines totaling R39 400 were imposed between April 2010 and March 2012 and included four tickets amounting to R4500 each.

*See the breakdown of fines!

DA spokesperson on energy, Lance Greyling, said that the minister should set an example to others: "It beggars belief that any individual – let alone a minister of state – can rack up such huge fines in such a short space of time. I will therefore be asking the minister to come to Parliament to explain how she managed to incur R40 000 worth of traffic fines.

“Cabinet ministers must set an example for the public by upholding the law but speeding ministers in blue-light convoys simply confirm the perception that members of this government consider themselves above the law."

Peter's fines outdid the R30 400 incurred by drivers for agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister Tina Joemat-Petterson.

Greyling said: "The minister must take responsibility for the speed at which her convoy travels and their adherence to traffic rules. Being late for a meeting does not give her an excuse to switch on the blue lights, break the speed limit, and endanger the lives of law-abiding motorists through traffic violations.

"We are also interested to know whether the minister actively encouraged the traffic violations."

We'd like to bet readers have thoughts about such behaviour - tell us about them in the Readers' Comments section below.

*The table does not state what the fines were for

  • stefan.vosloo.33 - 2012-07-23 10:27

    I doubt any explanations will come, it is the blue light crew, they get away with anything and everything..

      JohanCduToit - 2012-07-23 11:10

      The ANC believe that the law does not apply to them, but what they don't realise is that their actions makes it "acceptable" for others to break the law. So next time a customer pays me in cash I will just pocket the money instead of putting it through the books and paying tax on it.

      sarel.koen - 2012-07-23 12:36

      No explanation needed. Just pay it out of your own pocket minister!

      alan.jerrold - 2012-07-24 09:19

      Yes, make these arrogant thieves, who think they are above the law, pay these fines THEMSELVES, not with our hard-earned taxpayers money.

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2012-07-23 10:29

    Ag just right them off others ministers and govt officials have done worse and got away with it , anyway there should be different laws for govt and senior ANC members and friends of these people otherwise what is the point of being in govt etc

      michael.kleber.376 - 2012-07-23 10:52

      was being seriously sarcastic

  • sue.robertson.9083 - 2012-07-23 10:30

    All Politicians think they can just flount the laws of the country ---- Very Bad Example, but what else do we expect.

  • malans.house - 2012-07-23 10:37

    Instead of setting examples of good citizenship, ministers like Ms Peters' behaviour encourage the perception that "everything is OK, as long as you have an excuse and as long as you can get away with it" (Watch Jub-Jub getting away with murder!). In most civilised countries this minister would have been forced to resign. Nothing will happen to her here and she is probably envied by some of her colleagues. Will her next step be hard core criminal behaviour, e.g. tender manipulation?

  • dave.elmore.5 - 2012-07-23 11:19

    Looking at her, maybe the fines were for vehicle overloading?

      thombela.isaac - 2012-07-23 11:50


  • Jake - 2012-07-23 11:21

    The perils of speed are apparent.....take a look at vids and pics and EDUCATIONAL content on the website wwwfatalmovesdotcom

  • colin.taylor.9883 - 2012-07-23 11:22

    If the new points system on drivers was in operation would she lose her drivers permit or be given Parlimentary Immunity????

      JohanCduToit - 2012-07-23 12:05

      She is still a rookie in the ANC, with just speeding fines. You need to be seriously corrupt to go higher. Look what Zuma had to do to become president.

  • pieter.k.lubbe - 2012-07-23 11:36

    'cos I am special!!!!

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-07-23 11:43

    Clap this stupid idiot in irons - immediately! Bloody ANC think they can hold the law in contempt for ever and a day! ps. I use the term 'stupid idiot' in lieu of what I truly would like to call her!

  • stefanie.dutoit.Ash - 2012-07-23 12:27

    The worst part of it is that I, as a tax payer in South Africa, have to cough up that R40 000.00. If she does not pay it and gets arrested (this is a total fantasy of course as the idea of a politician being arrested is as farfetched as they come) then my tax will be used to defend her against criminal charges too. Then if she gets convicted (again highly unlikely) she will suddenly develop a fatal illness and get released on medical parole, whereafter she will spend her days on golf courses using her state pension and lifetime benefits, again paid for with my tax money.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-07-23 12:33

    Lights flashing reminds ministers of Christmas, that is why they love flashing their lights, Christmas all the time...like little children.

  • naty.versace.1 - 2012-07-23 14:59

    I think I know the answer to that. You see, the BMW 760il Long wheel base that these people have, they don't bother to read about the engine specs, little did she knew that its a 6L V12 Twin turbo rocket and they have no clue what so ever about the turning on the traction control. and thats how she got the speed fines

  • rontheogre - 2012-07-23 15:57

    This again shows that education is sorely lacking in the SA government, otherwise they would realise that they only have these positions of "power" by default as the majority of voters decided, in their wisdom, to re-elect a corrupt government that seems to have perfected the ability to appoint people that have no regard for their employers, us, the taxpaying citizen of SA, whose money pays their salary. Most important to the government:the money that legitimately lands up in your account each month is a salary paid to a common government SERVANT, not dividends paid to owners of a company in which you have all the say. Stop wasting my money on stupidity, arrogance and a sense of self importance.

  • Cyrus - 2012-07-24 06:34

    We dont have enough informed voters in this country. Thats why we have a failed democracy.

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