Mighty mini Monica nails 'jacker

2013-07-11 11:01

HOUSTON, Texas - Teenager Monica Terrones got smart when a carjacker also stole her purse.. and, worse, her phone. She went ballistic but then she also went online...

The tiny 19-year-old - she's only 1.57m tall - even went in the police car that finally tracked down the thieves and nailed them when they crashed Monica's car into a tree - which was tough. Here's how it happened...

The bad guys held a gun to the girl's head outside a block of flats in Houston and took off in her car, purse and phone still inside. Monica, much smarter than the morons who took her car, turned detective by waiting a day then going online and accessing her phone records.

NEXT CALL... 911

Then she patiently called all the numbers listed since the theft. Quintin Devone Brown, 19, showed his absolute stupidity by posting a picture of himself on Instagram, sitting on Monica's car and waving a gun. Bright Quintin, really bright...

Watch the video

Anyway, Monica was meanwhile dialling away at the list, getting brushed off or hung-up on by most who answered but eventually scoring when a voice at one of the numbers told her: "Yeah, you'll find him a (nearby) gas station."

Bingo! Monica's next call was to 911, the cops picked her up, and the chase was on. "I might be tiny," she said later, "but you still don't mess with me and my stuff, I will hunt you down... I let him have my phone for a day and he made calls. I was like, OK, went online and called everyone, everyone on it, even if they hung up on me."


Then she hit paydirt, and the dirt was poor old Quintin. He tried to flee but he proved as poor a driver as he was a car thief. He lost control and ran Monica's car into a tree.

Quintin Brown, hijacker on L-plates, was charged with aggravated robbery, his juvenile alleged accomplice with evading arrest.

Mighty Midget Monica is now looking forward to her day in court. We say, "Go, girl!"

  • Dawn Atkinson - 2013-07-11 12:13

    Go Monica! I LIKE IT!!!!

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