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Merc to limit warring drivers' pit strategies

2014-07-15 09:49

MERC'S DUELING DRIVERS: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton (centre) and Nico Rosberg (left) continue to battle for the 2014 Drivers' championship. Image: AP/Luca Bruno/

LONDON, England - Mercedes will restrict the race strategies that can be adopted by drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in their fight for the 2014 Formula 1 title.

Until now, the dominant team has given its driver duo free rein to battle for the Drivers' championship, despite constant speculation that Mercedes and its parent Daimler might prefer to see German Rosberg ultimately triumph, especially at his home Grand Prix in Germany on July 20 2014.

Italy's Autosprint reports that one of the ways Mercedes is moving to demonstrate absolute equality between the pair is to limit them to very similar pit strategies.


F1 correspondent Alberto Antonini said: "The drivers must comply with the same number of pitstops."

That aside, the Hamilton and Rosberg camps will be free to wage their battles, even at the risk of some loss of 'transparency' as outlined by boss Toto Wolff recently.

Wolff said: "As an individual, you cannot dominate alone in motor racing. Our position is a testament to how well we work together.

"Of course there are areas where you keep certain details to yourself to develop an advantage, and this is also accepted by the team. It must not have a negative influence on the development of the team."

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