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Merc slams Red Bull in court

2014-04-14 14:34

RED BULL APPEAL: Red Bull is appealing against driver Daniel Ricciardo's (inset) disqualification at the 2014 Australian GP. Image: AFP

PARIS, France - Red Bull is appealing Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from the Australian grand prix for ignoring the mandatory sensor governing fuel flow.

Red Bull's lawyer argued that the Gill-supplied sensor was "faulty" and that is why it fell back on its own measurements. Legal representative for Mercedes hit back that what occurred in Melbourne was a "flagrant breach" of the regulations.

The Mercedes lawyer said: "Red Bull thinks it is entitled to pick and choose between the measurements."


Using near-identical words, the FIA lawyer agreed: "A team cannot pick and choose. The essence of sport is the contest on a level playing field and you can't have that unless everyone abide by the rules."

According to Reuters news agency, the Mercedes lawyer said the five-judge panel might in fact increase the penalty against Red Bull in its decision on Monday.

Also present at the Paris hearing are representatives for McLaren, Lotus, Williams and Force India.

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