McLaren scoops green award

2012-11-08 08:55

SURREY, England – McLaren has been awarded with the Carbon Trust Standard for reducing carbon emissions across of its UK operations.

This achievement makes McLaren the first Formula 1 team to retain the award, first received in 2010.

McLaren has honed its energy efficiency to reduce its carbon footprint by 9% - based on tonnes of carbon and equivalent (CO2e) emissions relative to head-count.


This follows a two-year period of expansion within McLaren Automotive, which has seen the construction of the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) and the employment of nearly 300 staff members.

Since then the automaker has launched its new MP4-12C and 12C Spider.

Darran Messem, managing director of certification at the Carbon Trust commented: “It is really encouraging to see a high profile organisation like McLaren Group making real improvements to retain the Carbon Trust Standard.

"McLaren Group’s achievement is clear evidence of the significant results in carbon reduction that can be delivered through senior sponsorship from the top and entrenched good practise throughout a business. McLaren Group’s carbon reduction relative to head count demonstrates that growth can be decoupled from carbon to grow your business without proportionally increasing emissions”.

The automaker continued to reduce its carbon footprint by researching and implementing energy-saving technologies across both the MPC and the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC).

The services of MPC are linked and supplied to a central plant in MTC. This ensures that potential waste created by shared systems, such as air conditioners, is elimated.

Heat recovery systems capture excess energy and redistribute it to other areas of the building in need of heat.

The installation of new simulation equipment across McLaren Racing has led to savings of 300 tonnes of CO2e per year.

More efficient lighting within the MTC has led to a saving of 200 tonnes of CO2e per year.

Martin Whitmarsh, chief operating officer of McLaren, said: “As an environmentally conscious group of companies we are extremely proud to have retained the Carbon Trust Standard, in turn becoming the first Formula 1 team ever to do so. The process has enabled us to identify new areas to increase carbon efficiency, bringing significant energy savings to all of our operations.

“It is especially satisfying to obtain recertification during a period of considerable growth across the Group, particularly within McLaren Automotive. This demonstrates our commitment to pioneering future technologies, developing new methodologies and relentlessly innovating to improve carbon efficiency."