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McLaren: Red Bull used codes in Singapore

2014-09-23 07:47

McLAREN WOES CONTINUE: McLaren’s Jenson Button (left) failed to finish the 2014 Singapore GP but team mate Kevin Magnussen made 10th - despite a burned backside. Image: AP

SINGAPORE, Malaysia - McLaren has hinted that rival Red Bull used coded messages to help Daniel Ricciardo achieve a podium finish during Sunday's (Sept 21) 2014 Singapore GP.

McLaren's racing director Eric Boullier said he and his McLaren colleagues listened keenly to other teams' messages during the race.

Asked how different it was to work on the pit wall after the clampdown on radio communications he said: "Nothing, but it makes us more busy listening to the others to see they are not doing anything like Red Bull did twice on Ricciardo. I think it was coded, yes. It is up to the International Automobile Federation to investigate, it is not for me to say anything.


"But it was a strange message. Once would have been OK but twice or three times is a bit strange."

Red Bull team chief Christian Horner said his team had clarified with F1 race director Charlie Whiting what messages it could use with Ricciardo.

Horner said: "Obviously we spoke to Charlie and told him Daniel had some reliability issues. That was why he was told to stay off the kerbs because that was causing damage to the battery.

“I think that was sensible and it's about trying to find a balance with this radio ban."



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