WATCH: Celebrating the iconic GTR

Wheels24 contributor Ferdi De Vos takes a look at the history of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Japan's most iconic performance car.

First Lamborghini Aventador SVJ now in SA

The first Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has just been shipped into SA for a cool R9 695 000 and it's absolutely breathtaking.

May's most fuel-efficient cars in SA

2015-06-09 06:58

GOOD AND ECONOMICAL: Volkswagen's Polo TSI Trendline topped the charts as the most fuel-efficient car sold in SA during May 2015. Image: VW

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng - With the fuel price on the rise almost every time there is a price change, it has now become even more important for new cars to drive for a longer distance without having to fill-up each time you pass a petrol station, says the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers .

Naamsa says it releases a list of South Africa’s top-selling vehicles every month but just how fuel-efficient are they?


All grades of petrol increased by 47c/litre in June 2015. To present the most fuel-efficient top-selling cars, says Naamsa, Drive South Africa selected the vehicle model with the lowest fuel consumption in its category, based on litres/100km.

According to Drive SA: “Measuring fuel-efficiency, each vehicle’s fuel consumption and fuel cost was calculated over 100km.” A table released by Drive SA shows the country's top vehicles, based on category, ranked by fuel consumption and cost.

Has your car made the list?

TOP 10: Here's the Naamsa list for the top-ranking cars sold for May 2015, based on their fuel-efficiency.
PLEASE NOTE: The rankings are just listed and are not meant to be in numeric order. Image: Naamsa

Table compiled by Drive SA


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