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Marquez makes it 9 at Sachsenring

2014-07-13 14:49

WINNING WHEELIE: Honda rider Marc Marquez of Spain pulls a wheelie after winning the 2014 German MotoGP at the Sachsenring on July 13 2014. Image: AFP / Robert Michael


SACHSENRING, Germany - It's claimed to be the first time: most riders at the start of the 2014 German MotoGP at the Sachsenring started from... the pits!

But no matter, it was once again Marc Marquez at the finish, with team mate Dani Pedrosa second and Jorge Lorenzo third.

The sighting lap not even complete, riders were pouring into the pits to switch from wet to dry tyres, which meant they had to start from the pits lane.

That cause was the commentators called "a supermarket queue" of 14 bikes and then a cavalry charge from the throat of the pits lane.


Exciting start, then the Repol Hondas - Marquez and Pedrosa - started carving through the field in pursuit of Stefan Bradl who had chosen wets to start from the grid.

Good gamble, but Marquez and Pedrosa were having none of it and quickly caught and passed the Yamahas that were supposed to have filled the second row of the grid.

Marquez was soon into his standard place - the lead and heading for his ninth win of the season with Pedrosa riding shotgun.

With 10 laps to go the order at the sharp end was Marquez, Pedrosa, Lorenzo Rossi and Iannone.

As the race dropped to three to go its was still a battle between the two Hondas and it stayed that way to the end, with Lorenzo third.

The win gives the 21-year-old a perfect 225 points in the championship with Pedrosa second - but 77 points back - and Italian Valentino Rossi, who finished fourth, third in the rankings but 84 points back.

There are nine races to go in the 2014 season with the next round set for Indianapolis on August 10.

2014 German MotoGP result
1 MARQUEZ M (Honda) Lap 30
2 PEDROSA D (Honda) +1.466
3 LORENZO J (Yamaha) +10.317
4 ROSSI V (Yamaha) +19.194
5 IANNONE A (Ducati) +23.509
6 ESPARGARO A (Forward Yamaha) +27.809
7 ESPARGARO P (Yamaha) +33.253
8 DOVIZIOSO A (Ducati) +33.868
9 BAUTISTA A (Honda) +34.231
10 CRUTCHLOW C (Ducati) +34.676
11 REDDING S (Honda) +37.744
12 AOYAMA H (Honda) +45.018
13 ABRAHAM K (Honda) +45.177
14 HAYDEN N (Honda) +46.676
15 PETRUCCI (DART) +52.769
16 BRADL S (Honda) +53.889
17 HERNANDEZ Y (Ducati) +54.476
18 BARBERA H (Avintia) +56.215
19 SMITH B (Yamaha) +56.293
20 EDWARDS C (Forward Yamaha) +1min04.083
21 PARKES B (PBM) +1min10.928
22 DI MEGLIO M (Avintia) +1min19.975

MotoGP points after 2014 German MotoGP
1 Marc Marquez (Spain) Honda - 225
2 Dani Pedrosa (Spain) Honda - 148
3 Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha - 141
4 Andrea Dovizioso (Italy) Ducati - 99
5 Jorge Lorenzo (Spain) Yamaha - 97
6 Aleix Espargaro (Spain) Yamaha - 77
7 Pol Espargaro (Spain) Yamaha - 67
8 Andrea Iannone (Italy) Ducati - 62
9 Stefan Bradl (Germany) Honda - 56
10 Alvaro Bautista (Spain) Honda - 50
11 Bradley Smith (Britain) Yamaha - 48
12 Scott Redding (Britain) Honda - 33
13 Nicky Hayden (U.S.) Honda - 29
14 Cal Crutchlow (Britain) Ducati 28
15 Hiroshi Aoyama (Japan) Honda - 28

Moto2 result
1 Dominique Aegerter (Switzerland) Suter 41min12.461
2 Mika Kallio (Finland) Kalex 41min12.552
3 Simone Corsi (Italy) Forward KLX 41min22.975
4 Esteve Rabat (Spain) Kalex 41min23.127
5 Maverick Vinales (Spain) Kalex 41min23.879
6 Franco Morbidelli (Italy) Kalex 41min26.561
7 Randy Krummenacher (Switzerland) Suter 41min34.344
8 Mattia Pasini (Italy) Forward KLX 41min34.437
9 Thomas Luethi (Switzerland) Suter 41min34.510
10 Xavier Simeon (Belgium) Suter 41min38.971
11 Ricard Cardus (Spain) Tech 3 41min39.127
12 Marcel Schroetter (Germany) Tech 3 41min45.505
13 Louis Rossi (France) Kalex 41min45.881
14 Luis Salom (Spain) Kalex 41min49.654
15 Axel Pons (Spain) Kalex 41min50.288

Moto2 standings
1 Esteve Rabat (Spain) Kalex - 170
2 Mika Kallio (Finland) Kalex - 151
3 Maverick Vinales (Spain) Kalex - 120
4 Dominique Aegerter (Switzerland) Suter - 96
5 Simone Corsi (Italy) Kalex - 85
6 Thomas Luethi (Switzerland) Suter - 68
7 Luis Salom (Spain) Kalex - 62
8 Anthony West (Australia) Speed up - 58
9 Jonas Folger (Germany) Kalex - 47
10 Johann Zarco (France) Caterham Suter - 46
11 Xavier Simeon (Belgium) Suter - 37
12 Marcel Schroetter (Germany) Tech 3 - 36
13 Sam Lowes (Britain) Speed up - 33
14 Sandro Cortese (Germany) Kalex - 32
15 Alex de Angelis (San Marino) Suter - 29

Moto3 results
1 Jack Miller (Australia) KTM 39min26.927
2 Brad Binder (South Africa) Mahindra 39min27.107
3 Alexis Masbou (France) Honda 39min28.046
4 Alex Marquez (Spain) Honda 39min28.107
5 Danny Kent (Britain) Husqvarna 39min28.217
6 Efren Vazquez (Spain) Honda 39min53.158
7 John McPhee (Britain) Honda 39min53.263
8 Isaac Vinales (Spain) KTM 39min53.401
9 Matteo Ferrari (Italy) Mahindra 39min53.510
10 Juanfran Guevara (Spain) Kalex 39min53.662
11 Jakub Kornfeil (Czech Republic) KTM 39min53.800
12 Philipp OEttl (Germany) Kalex 39min53.936
13 Arthur Sissis (Australia) Mahindra 39min54.232
14 Eric Granado (Brazil) KTM 39min57.011
15 Enea Bastianini (Italy) KTM 40min12.052

Moto3 standings
1 Jack Miller (Australia) KTM - 142
2 Alex Marquez (Spain) Honda - 123
3 Efren Vazquez (Spain) Honda - 112
4 Romano Fenati (Italy) KTM - 110
5 Alex Rins (Spain) Honda - 107
6 Isaac Vinales (Spain) KTM - 90
7 Alexis Masbou (France) Honda - 79
8 Miguel Oliveira (Portugal) Mahindra - 53
9 Brad Binder (South Africa) Mahindra - 49
10 Jakub Kornfeil (Czech Republic) KTM - 48
11 Enea Bastianini (Italy) KTM - 46
12 Danny Kent (Britain) Husqvarna - 46
13 John McPhee (Britain) Honda - 45
14 Francesco Bagnaia (Italy) KTM - 42
15 Niklas Ajo (Finland) Husqvarna - 35


2014 MotoGP championship leader Marc Marquez took pole for the German MotoGP on Saturday (July 12) with a qualifying lap record time of 1min20.937 to edge out Honda team mate Dani Pedrosa by three-tenths.

The record had been held for six years by Australian and new retired rider Casey Stoney.

Marquez started the season with six poles in a row but failed to qualify in top spot for the previous two races. He won all eight in 2014 races before Germany.

2014 German MotoGP qualification times
1 Marc Marquez (Spain) Honda 1min20.937
2 Dani Pedrosa (Spain) Honda 1min21.233
3 Stefan Bradl (Germany) Honda 1min21.340
4 Aleix Espargaro (Spain) Yamaha 1min21.376
5 Jorge Lorenzo (Spain) Yamaha 1min21.508
6 Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha 1min21.651
7 Andrea Iannone (Italy) Ducati 1min21.679
8 Pol Espargaro (Spain) Yamaha 1min21.771
9 Bradley Smith (Britain) Yamaha 1min21.794
10 Alvaro Bautista (Spain) Honda 1min21.906
11 Andrea Dovizioso (Italy) Ducati 1min21.120
12 Nicky Hayden (USA) Honda 1min1min22.647

Moto2 qualification
1 Dominique Aegerter (Switzerland) Suter 1min24.761
2 Mika Kallio (Finland) Kalex 1min24.885
3 Esteve Rabat (Spain) Kalex 1min25.032
4 Jordi Torres (Spain) Suter 1min25.108
5 Franco Morbidelli (Italy) Kalex 1min25.118
6 Simone Corsi (Italy) Forward KLX 1min25.132
7 Johann Zarco (France) Caterham Suter 1min25.142
8 Thomas Luethi (Switzerland) Suter 1min25.188
9 Alex de Angelis (San Marino) Suter 1min25.240
10 Randy Krummenacher (Switzerland) Suter 1min25.272

2014 German Moto3 qualification
1 Jack Miller (Australia) KTM 1min26.997
2 Alexis Masbou (France) Honda 1min27.106
3 Alex Marquez (Spain) Honda 1min27.143
4 Karel Hanika (Czech Republic) KTM 1min27.357
5 Danny Kent (Britain) Husqvarna 1min27.357
6 Brad Binder (South Africa) Mahindra 1min27.453
7 Alex Rins (Spain) Honda 1min27.585
8 Eric Granado (Brazil) KTM 1min27.603
9 Juanfran Guevara (Spain) Kalex 1min27.673
10 Enea Bastianini (Italy) KTM 1min27.752

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