MX-5 gets top What Car? award

2012-08-08 08:16

LONDON, England - What Car? magazine readers have voted Mazda’s latest MX-5 sports car "the most reliable car in Britain" in a survey of more than 50 000 cars.

The current MX-5, manufactured since 2005, recorded a failure rate of only four percent – the lowest of all cars in the 2012 survey – compared to the next nearest open-top competitor at 15%.


With 96% of these Mazda models being fault-free, the MX-5 also achieved an impressive Reliability Index score of eight (the lower score, the better the car) while the UK average for individual models was 100.

According to the survey, MX-5 owners also benefit from the lowest repair costs with an average repair bill of £165 (about R2300).

The survey calculates a vehicle’s RI from several factors – the number of times it fails, the cost of repair, the average time it spends off the road being repaired, its age and the distance it has covered.

David Wilson-Green, Mazda UK’s after-sale director, said: "It’s no surprise the MX-5 scored so highly in the What Car? annual survey. The car has won many awards over the years and regularly achieves excellent reviews in the national media.

"The brand is renowned for its engineering expertise and for its remarkably reliable models, a reason why we have so many loyal customers."

For more than 20 years the two-seater MX-5 has captured the hearts of motorists, earning its accolade as “the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car”.

Owners are often attracted to its stylish design and invigorating drive but Mazda’s renowned reliability has played a major role in its longevity, something the What Car? Magazine survey endorses in it September edition.

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"The MX-5 is the perfect accessory for summer and its attractive on-the-road prices – from £15 051 (about R203 000). The eight-strong range presents a choice of a soft-top or coupe with a powered retractable hard-top."