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Lumina V8s spread the love...

2013-08-20 07:06

REVVING FOR CHARITY: Several Chevrolet Lumina owners gathered on Sunday, Aug 18, to bring some joy to the needy. Image: Sulet Gericke

Picture pulling up at the petrol station on a Sunday morning and over in the car park there's a bevy of Chevvies just parking off. Whether you like cars or not, the sound of a roaring six-litre V8 will grab anybody's attention.

Chevrolet Lumina SS sedans and UTEs make 270kW/530Nm (manual) and 260kW/517Nm (auto). Taking one through some of the country's best passes in the Western Cape is a guaranteed thrill and getting to do some good at the same time a cherry on top.

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The cold winter months usually see car clubs pulling out the stops for charity events and helping the less fortunate with blanket runs and all sorts of fuzzy-feeling events. Wheels24 reader DAVID FARBER and the rest of the Lumina Owners' Club members had a fun run for charity on August 18.

Here's what he had to say...

Lumina Owners is a forum built primarily for owners but it has grown to be more of a community for any petrol-head to join over time, without a membership fee, to enjoy social gatherings. As this is not a club, members are encouraged to arrange social events and to do as much as possible to include wives/significant others and families on the invites.

Bernard van den Heever and his fiancee Sulet Gericke recently told us after their visit to Reyterwacht Senior Centre, just outside Cape Town, that residents were short of a lot of basic items... tinned food, toiletries. Heever quickly put the word out for a charity run and put a route together. The rest of the members all eagerly signed up.
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